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Getting Latest Xiaomi Updates: Easily with One Tap

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, you want to use latest Xiaomi updates and you may have noticed that keeping track of new updates and being notified can be convoluted and take a bit of an effort sometimes. Fortunately for the Xiaomi users, there is a free of charge app in the market that make this very effortless, and updates could not be accessed any more easily! You can check your latest update and other regions updates of your phone using with MIUI Downloader app. This app has other features except MIUI Downloading.

MIUI Downloader

MIUI Downloader is a free and fully equipped upgrade app that you can install easily through Play Store and find latest Xiaomi updates for any device just as they are out. Not only it provides you updates to all the Xiaomi models that exist, but it also notifies you for new updates, includes a news section for the newest changes in Xiaomi world.

This way you can be just as informed about new developments as you can be informed about new updates. However, feature list does not just end there. You have a Hidden Features section to explore all the existing features in your device that are originally hidden from users’ sight, and an Apps section to follow MIUI application updates.

miui downloader

Devices are divided into different sections under several categories called Redmi, POCO, MiPad and MIX, making it easier to track down your device from the list. Another way for you to find your device is to use the search bar built into the app. As for the update types, in this app you have:

  • ┬áStable ROMs
    • China Stable
    • India Stable
    • EEA Stable
    • Global Stable and any others that your device has
  • Xiaom.eu ROMs
    • Stable
    • Beta
  • MIUI Daily Beta ROMs
  • Mi Pilot

You can find both fastboot and recovery ROMs under these sections. Aside from the update sections, there is a bunch of miscellaneous features as well. You can check for your device’s MIUI 13 Eligibility, which will be updated with every latest Xiaomi updates, Android 12-13 Eligibility and you can also find custom recoveries specific to your device and go over your device’s specs and user comments.

miui downloader

Scrolling down the app even further, you will see links to GCam Group, Wallpapers that are specifically compatible to your device and a bunch of other groups.


This app is not only worthy getting latest Xiaomi updates, but also provides a lot more features that are needed. It has a nice design and easy to use user-interface that makes tasks easier and more enjoyable. If you still do not have this app, we recommend you make it an integral part of your system!

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