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Google changes the way Android phones work in India, no Google Messages anymore?

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Google released an article on their blog page of their upcoming changes on Android devices that will be available in India, after being accused of anticompetitive behavior by India, Google is making significant changes to devices running Android.

Previously, Google was fined by the Indian government and now Google is about to release their changes on devices running Android in India. In India, Android phones are more popular than iPhones since Android manufacturers offer various smartphones at every budget. Not only India, but many people also prefer Android over iPhone.

Google will make these changes as CCI (Competition Commission of India) leads into their own requests. Google announces they will follow Indian government.

“We take our commitment to comply with local laws and regulations in India seriously. The Competition Commission of India (CCI)’s recent directives for Android and Play require us to make significant changes for India, and today we’ve informed the CCI of how we will be complying with their directives.”

What will change on Android devices in India?

From our perspective, device manufacturers are more impacted by the changes than users are. Here are the changes will be made according to Google.

  • Users will be able to change their default search engine while setting a new Android device.
  • Users will be able to choose another billing system alongside Google Pay while buying digital contents. The banking apps in India might work just like Google Pay in the future.
  • “OEMs will be able to license individual Google apps for pre-installation on their devices.”
  • Google “introduces changes for partners to build non-compatible or forked variants”.

In conclusion, the interface of new phones introduced in India might have changes soon. Indian users might also have less bloatware apps by Google on their phones. For instance, Xiaomi phones in India might feature Xiaomi’s messaging app instead of Google Messages or Xiaomi dialer app instead of Google Phone.

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