Google Dialer Got A New Interface

Google’s own calling app, named as Google Dialer or Google Phone, got a new update that introduces a new user interface on the in-call menu. If you’re a global MIUI user, the ROM already ships with the Google Dialer on it’s own. You can just install this update over the old one to get the new in-call menu.

Google’s phone app is a smart way to manage your general conversations for calls. You can use it to make calls, along with additional features. The app is highly portable and can be accessed from anyplace. You can also access your phone’s contacts. All your settings, contacts, etc are synched instantly when you connect your phone to the internet using Wi-Fi or any internet connection.


This is how the new in-call interface looks on the latest version of the Google Dialer. There’s no other changes on the other parts of the app, they all remain same except the in-call interface.

The buttons are now on bottom instead of in the center, and more small sized which is more one-handed friendly. You can expand other options by pressing the “More” button on the right side.

This is the app version that has it, and you can find it in the download section.


You can get the new Google Dialer in here.

It might not install over the old one on some phones depending on the signatures, you need to try it yourself to find it out.

This article will be updated overtime whenever there’s a new update about the Google Dialer app.

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