HMD ‘Arrow’ launching in India is not rebranded Pulse — Report

HMD will be launching a new 5G-capable smartphone in India soon. Called HMD Arrow, early rumors suggested that it would be a rebranded HMD Pulse. However, a new report citing some inside sources claims that the speculations are not true.

HMD is eyeing the 5G market in India by offering affordable 5G devices. With this, the brand is launching the 5G-powered Arrow model in the Indian market soon.

Leaks involving the Arrow point to its similarity with HMD Pulse, which launched globally last month. Yet, the Indian website The Mobile Indian claims that it is the opposite of what its sources said. As per the report, HMD will not be unveiling a rebranded phone.

“HMD Arrow will have a completely new design, more powerful specs, different processor, 5G connectivity, and camera specs,” the unnamed sources told the outlet.

To start, HMD Arrow will reportedly feature 5G connectivity, unlike the 4G devices under the Pulse series in Europe. According to the report, this is HMD’s actual plan, with 5G prices in India getting cheaper and buyers now doubting the purchase of 4G phones. No details about the exact price of HMD Arrow were mentioned, but it could be offered for less than ₹20,000 in India.

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