How Fast Charging Technology Works?

Fast charging is a technology developed by cell phone and cell phone processor manufacturers that allows us to charge our mobile phone or mobile device in a shorter time than possible.

Well, let’s look at the basic logic of fast charge. Our processors have the ability to control electricity. Here, in fast charging technology, processor manufacturers can load more electricity into the battery by deactivating the regulator and controlling the charging system with processors. Normal chargers are 5W. In other words, they reduce the current coming from the socket and load 1 ampere electricity to the mobile phone. The regulator on the mobile phone does not allow electricity higher than 1 amp to enter the mobile phone in order to prevent overloading the battery.

120W Fast Charging

For fast charge, your device and charger must support fast charging. fast charging adapters; It has a system that can adjust that is 5W, 10W, 18W or higher. With the fast charging technology, the regulator is disabled and more amps of electricity is allowed to be taken into the battery instead of 1 amp. Fast charging has good aspects as well as bad ones.One of the main problems with fast charge is heating. When high ampere electricity is supplied to the battery of our mobile phone in a very short time, we see that the battery heats up. Heating will not only harm our battery, especially one of the biggest enemies of the electronic circuits on our mobile phone is heat. Due to overheating, there are technical problems such as screen burns and motherboard failures.

Conditions to be considered in fast charging:

  • The most important thing to note is original batteries or chargers from certified brands should be used.
  • In fast charging, the mobile phone should not be used so that the temperature does not increase while our phone is charging. In other words, we should not play games or use other applications that increase the temperature of the phone while it is charging.

  • The temperature of the environment where we charge our phone should be within normal values, it is not healthy to charge in sunlight or heat absorbing environments.

Fast charging technology is developing day by day, the charging time of smartphones is getting shorter and shorter. The fastest charging technology so far is in the Mi 11 Pro (customized) device, which can be charged with 200W. A full charge from 0 to 100 takes place in a very short time, such as 8 minutes. Here is the test video:

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