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How to Connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our lives that we cannot live apart from. This content’s topic will be to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi. You will be fully equipped to perform this action by the end of the content.

Connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

One of the companies that is releasing new generation television models is Samsung. Samsung has become one of the leading companies in the sector, as in the past, in the production of new generation television models. People who use Samsung TVs want to be informed about Wi-Fi input on Samsung TVs so that they can experience important functions when they get their TV. In order to be able to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi, you first need to make sure that your network connection is working properly. You can be sure about this by trying to connect via Wi-Fi on different devices.

  1. After testing your internet connection, you need to press the Menu (Home) button on your remote.
  2. On the screen that will appear, you need to enter the Settings section.
  3. When you enter the relevant section, you need to select the General category from the window that opens.
  4. After the selection you have made, you need to enter the one that says Network among the sub-categories that appear.
  5. In order to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi, you need to select the ‘Open Network Settings tab on the Network window.
  6. Since your goal is to connect via Wi-Fi, you should choose the Wireless option instead of Cable from the last window that opens.

You can choose your own wireless network connection among the wireless network names listed on the screen that appears after your preference. On the screen that opens, you need to type the password of the wireless network you use on the keyboard and select the Done option on the same keyboard. If you enter the password correctly, a notification message will appear on the screen saying that the transaction was successful. By choosing the OK button on this notification screen, you can comfortably finish your connection process and observe the beautiful experiences that your television will give us. You may also want to check out How to Install Apps on Samsung Smart TV content to enrich your Samsung TV experience.

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