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How to enable Monet theming in Telegram?

Firstly, in this article; you will learn enable Monet theming in Telegram. If you don’t know what Monet is, Monet is a theme engine that comes with Android 12 that adjusts the device’s system colors according to the wallpaper colors. You must have Android version 12 or higher to use this feature. And it is recommended to use the original Telegram application. Other Telegram clients may not work, you can try it yourself.

How to enable Monet theming in Telegram?

  • Download the required files from end of the article for enable Monet theming in Telegram. Install and open it. Don’t forget, if you are not using Android 12 or higher, it will give erros. After opening you will see a screen like 2nd photo.

enable Monet theming in Telegram

  • After that, you will set up the monet engine for Telegram (as a theme). Firstly tap the set up button. first or second it doesn’t matter. After tapping the set up button, a pop-up will appear. Select Telegram here and send it to saved messages. (Do it the same thing for other section.)

  • Then click the sent message to apply Monet supported theme. You will see a preview of you theme, tap to apply button on the bottom-right like 2nd photo. And thats it! now your telegram supports Monet theme engine.

The only thing missing is theme isn’t changin when you change your device’s wallpaper. But it is normal. Because this app using Telegram themes for Monet. In short, this app isn’t adding Monet support to Telegram. It just creates a theme with colors that match the current wallpaper. Still very successful.

Setting up Monet theme automatic for day and night mode

  • Open Telegram and set the ligh Monet theme firstly. Then tap the three lines on top-left. A window will appear from left to right, tap the settings button.

  • In this tab, tap the chat settings button. Then slide down little bit. you will see auto-night mode button, tap on it.

  • Here you need to select Monet-Dark option.

For enable Monet theming in Telegram, you have done all stuffs. You can use Monet theming in Telegram. But don’t forget you need to do same things if you cahnge the wallpaper. A open source client of telegram, nekogram is working perfect with this theme. You can try it for other clients. I think the Telegram team, which has added many new features to its application, should have added this feature as stock by now. I hope we can use this feature as stock in the future. Here you can find Monet supported apps for Android 12 users! Also thanks to @mi_g_alex, @TIDI286, @dprosan, @the8055u and tgmonet for this app.


  1. TG Monet app

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