How to import MTZ themes without breaking widgets

On both china and global versions of MIUI, you cannot import themes normally. By following this guide, it’s possible to pass that restriction.

First of all before start: This process needs root&xposed.

There will be a non-root method in it too but keep in mind it’s not efficient as root one.


  • Download the themepatch xposed module from below. And turn on and reboot.


  • Do the same procedure as shown in the image above.


  • Import your theme just like shown in the image above.
  • Then apply your theme and voila; you imported and applied a mtz theme!


  • Download this application.
  • Choose version as 9.5+ and accept it.


  • Tap browse, choose the mtz file and press start as shown in the images.


  • Do the same procedure as in image above.
  • Then open themes app, and apply the theme named “(Apply Me)’Theme Name'”
  • And voila; you just imported a mtz theme and applied it successfully.


Download the Xposed module

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