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How to Increase Battery Life on Android?

Have you been suffering from poor battery life on your smartphone? We have some solutions for you which will increase your smartphone battery life. Read our article ”How to Increase Battery Life on Android?” to solve this problem, and use your smartphone for a much longer period.

How to Increase Battery Life on Android?

Sometimes while you are playing any type of game or watching any movies, you can see that your battery has been draining quickly. To prevent the quick battery drain problem, we will share some tips to increase your phone’s battery life.

Use Black Wallpapers

This may sound strange but black wallpapers can save the battery life of your Android smartphone. This is because most smartphones in the market use an AMOLED screen which only illuminates the colored pixel, and black pixels are unlit. So, the more black pixels you have on your display, the less power is needed to light the pixels up.

Turn on Dark Mode

As we have talked about black wallpapers and AMOLED screens, turning on dark mode on your phone also works the same. If your screen is darker, it is putting out less power.

Switch off Vibration

Unless you really need that added awareness of notifications, turn off vibration alerts for incoming calls and messages. It actually takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring. So, do not forget to turn off this feature if you want to boost your smartphone’s battery.

Put Unused Apps to Sleep

Put unused apps to sleep, otherwise, your unused apps are going to be running more in the background, draining battery life. So, turn the switch on and put the apps that you are no longer using.

Turn off Automatic Brightness

Automatic brightness sounds useful but does not go for it. It is better to set the brightness to a level that is low but comfortable and bump it up when necessary. It is one of the best ways to save battery life because the screens are one of the biggest battery consumers.

Turn off Mobile Data When Not Needed and Choose your Preferred Network Type

You do not need to be connected 24/7, use the internet only when needed. Mobile data will increase your data usage and also drains the battery. Turning off your internet connection will save you more battery.

Also, choose your preferred network type. If you need to use mobile data, use without 5G because it will drain more battery life as it consumes more energy. This is a feature that is not available in every Android. It depends on your phone model.

Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers give life to your smartphone home screen, but do not forget that it is using a lot of battery life because live wallpapers make the screen always active and this consumes the battery. So, go for regular images as wallpapers or as we have already mentioned, use black wallpapers and save battery life.

Use Lite Version of Android Apps

Going for lite versions of Android apps over the main edition will definitely help you to lower the consumption of the battery since the apps are lightweight. Android apps are slimmed versions of the main the app, though you may have to compromise some features for the greater good to save your Android device battery life.

Set Screen Timeout Minimum

Set your phone’s screen timeout to as short a time as is practical for you. Just think if your screen timeout is set to a minute, it will use 4 times more power than if it were set to 15 seconds. Studies show that the average smartphone user turns their smartphone on at least 150 times a day. Reducing screen timeout to a minimum will help keep your battery running for

Use Lock Screen Notifications or Widgets

Lock screen widgets or lock screen notifications can also help save battery life. This is because you can see notifications at a glance without having to turn your whole screen off. This is useful if you get lots of notifications that are not worth following up on immediately.

Turn off Always-On-Display

As we all know, always-on-display is a cool feature, but it uses more battery life as it is always on. Turn off that feature if you have it on your device already.

Take Control of App Permissions

If an app has access to your microphone all the time, that means it is always listening to your voice, and it is using a battery when it is doing that. So, immediately take control of app permissions, go to the settings, find privacy, and tap permission manager. Find the microphone and you will see the ”Allowed All the Time” option. Just close the apps that you do not want them to listen to you.

Make Sure your Android is Up to Date

One good tip when you are having software, and battery issues is to make sure your Android is up to date. When you update the software on your Android, it fixes software bugs, and when they do it it will save a lot of battery life.

Close out your Apps

Normally, you should never have to close out your apps because the software should do it for you. Tap on the multitasking button down at the bottom of your phone’s display. If you have got some apps open, swipe these up and off the top of the screen.


These are one of the best things you can do to increase battery life on your Android device. As we have mentioned, a bunch of apps running in the background all the time may be the main reason why your battery drains quickly. So, shut them manually or use third-party apps like the one that we recommended.

If you use your phone carefully, not only do you prevent quick battery drain, but also you increase the life of your phone in a long term.

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