How to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC

Installing ADB & Fastboot drivers and tools is now easy.

To be able to control your device with USB debugging, you need to install ADB drivers on your computer. ADB drivers allow your computer to recognize the phone after USB debugging is turned on. Also, ADB drivers allow you to use ADB and FASTBOOT commands via computer. It makes a bridge between Android and Computer. You can almost completely control your phone from your computer by enabling USB debugging and installing ADB drivers.

ADB Drivers Installation Method

  1. Download Latest ADB drivers from here
  2. Open downloaded .zip file
  3. Run 15 Second ADB Installer.exe
  4. Type “Y” (without “) and press enter
  5. Type “Y” (without “) and press enter
  6. Type “Y” (without “) and press enter
  7. Click highlighted Next button
  8. Click Always trust software from “Google Inc” and click Install button
  9. Driver installation is done without any problem, if you see this screen
  10. Blue window will be closed after installation is completed.
  11. Open Command Prompt (cmd)
  12. Enable USB debugging on phone and connect to computer via USB cable
  13. Type adb shell. The window will freeze when you type the command for the first time.
  14. Allow USB access on the phone
  15. Now you can control your phone via adb.



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