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How to Install Dolby Atmos and Viper4Android for All Android

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Sometimes you may not like the sound quality of your speaker or headphones. You can improve your headphone’s quality with Viper4Android or Dolby Atmos. Of course you need root for this. Even just root is not enough. Magisk is required. Viper has many more configurable options than Dolby Atmos. That’s why Viper is more recommended. Of course it’s up to you whether to use it or not. Let’s learn how to install them.

How to Install Viper4Android?

If you don’t have Magisk, you can download it by tapping link below. Also download Viper4Android and Audio Modification Library for Viper4Android module. If you want use just Dolby Atmos, Audio Modification module not needed.


  1. Magisk
  2. Viper4Android Magisk module
  3. Audio Modification Library Magisk module
  4. Dolby Atmos Magisk module

Now let’s move on to the installation steps. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any errors.

  • Firstly open Magisk app and tap the modules button marked with red square on left-bottom.

  • Then, tap the “Install from storage” button and select files that you downloaded. Firstly select 1st file “Audio Modification Library” and install it. Don’t reboot after installing. Go back and install Viper4Android module. Then reboot your device.

installing viper4android

How to Use Viper4Android?

After doing last step, you will see the Viper app. Open it and give root permission. If root request not popping-up, open the Magisk app and give root permission manually.

  • After giving root permission, you will see a warning named with “No driver found”. Tap OK button, phone will reboot. After that re-open Viper app. Then tap the settings icon on right-top.

  • After tapping the settins icon, you will see some settings of Viper app. Enable the first setting named with “Legacy mode” and go back.

  • After enabling legacy mode, tap the driver status button marked with red arrow. You need to see “Status: normal” and “Audio format: supported”. If these things OK, continue next step.

  • Now that we have given the necessary permissions, let’s take a look inside the application. “Master limiter” option must be enabled to activate the sound effects. “Output gain” section is setting the loudness. Even if you have the volume turned up fully, it is possible to get louder sound by increasing this value. Threshold limit is the lower limit of the rising volume, I think. I do not understand.

  • On the Playback gain tab, you can increase your sound level again. when the values change, only the volume goes up and down. Maximum gain also sets the upper limit of this level.

  • In FIR equalizer tab, you can set equalizer settings. Also if you tap on it, you will see presets like bass booster., acoustic and etc.

Installation and use is very simple. As you use the application, you can understand what works. There are really a lot of details. Also, when you plug in headphones (no matter BT or wired), more options are added.

How to install Dolby Atmos?

Open Magisk app and go to modules tab marked with red square on right-bottom.

Tap the “Install from storage” button and select the Dolby Atmos module. Then reboot your device

How to Use Dolby Atmos

After restarting open Dolby app marked with red square. And you will see a power button on left-top on the screen. You can toggle the Dolby using that power button. And you can select presets for movie, music, gaming and etc. Also you can set manually the equalizer by tapping the button named with custom 1 or custom 2. You can adjust equalizer or toggle sound virtualizer and etc.


You can improve your music, movie experience with those 2 apps. thanks to the developers for supporting the apps. Dolby is mostly for end-users and has a simple interface. But Viper is an app with many more options and designed for advanced users. Which one to use is up to you, but if you want to fine-tune it, you should definitely use the Viper app. Also you can select a headphone via following this article. Don’t forget improve the headphone’s quality with these apps.

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