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How to Install New Mi Band Themes from outside the store

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Xiaomi Mi Band themes allow you to add your style to your smart bracelets that have become a part of your style. Mi Band, which people use quite a lot in their lives, offers third-party (unofficial) Mi Band themes apart from its original themes. Unofficial themes developed by users are shared in various forums. Although these shares attract people’s attention, there is not much information about how Mi Band themes are installed.

If you have a Mi Band and want to change the theme, you may want a more compatible theme with your style. However, most theme developers do not include a “how to install a theme” guide next to their themes. Although it is a little troublesome to install Mi Band themes, it does not take much of your time and you can install your theme and continue using it immediately. Although multiple methods are used to install themes on Mi Band, we will consider the simplest method. You can also click here to install the themes included in the “9 Best Xiaomi Mi Band Themes You Can Customize Perfectly” discussed in previous articles.

How To Mi Band Themes: The Installation

Installing an unofficial theme on Xiaomi Mi Band devices (4,5,6) is a seemingly tedious task. However, application developers who want to make this easier, have developed applications that can run on Android and iOS operating systems to automatically install themes on Mi Band. Thanks to these applications, you can install the theme you want on your Mi Band device in a very short way and dress your device in the style you want. These methods combine with the applications you need to download from the application markets. Or, there may be methods that require you to use a computer.

The Shortest Method to Install Mi Band Themes: AmazFaces

AmazFaces is a platform that has a lot of themes on its website and mobile applications and provides ease of installation. A system has been created where theme developers can upload their themes and users can easily download and install them, and it is an application that provides beautiful themes and ease of use. At the same time, this application, which does not only contain Mi Band themes, contains themes for watches and wristbands of many brands.

How to install Xiaomi Mi Band themes with AmazFaces?

First, you need to download the app for iOS or Android by clicking here. AmazFaces asks you to create an account to use the app. Otherwise, you cannot install themes. But before creating an account, you need to choose the smartwatch or smart bracelet you use.

  • Select the Xiaomi Mi Band you are using.
  • Open the menu, and click the “Sign in” button at the bottom left.
  • Enter the information prompted and register.
  • Like a theme, then click on the theme you like.
  • Make sure your device is connected and press the download button to install

Download Mi Band Themes Using Computer

Downloading your theme from the computer is a more difficult process than downloading it from the application, which is another method. But as a third party all you need is to use the “theme itself”. Even if the theme you downloaded is unoffical, you can easily install your theme from within the “Mi Fit(Zepp Life)” application.

  • Download a theme from any Mi Band theme site. The theme you download must have the extension “.BIN”. If it is in a “.ZIP” or “.RAR”, extract the .BIN file inside.
  • You need to disable Bluetooth. Then click on the “Sync watch faces” option from within the application.
  • Plug your phone into the computer and then go to the file location “Android/data/com.xiaomi.hm.health/files/watch_skin_local/” on the computer.
  • You will see Mi Band theme with .BIN extension applied on your Xiaomi Mi Band. Backup this theme.
  • After backing up, delete the theme in the file location.
  • Give the name of the theme you backed up and deleted to the “unoffical” theme you downloaded.
  • You can disconnect the computer and turn to the Mi Fit(Zepp Life) app.
  • Activate Bluetooth and install the theme by pressing the install theme button within the app. You should now have the unffocial Mi Band theme installed on your device.

Thanks to these two different methods, you can install Xiaomi Mi Band themes and customize your device. Mi Band 4 and both allows allow installing unofficial Mi Band theme with these two methods. You can not only be content with Mi Band, but also install unoffical themes on watches and smart bracelets of other brands with the methods given. With these short, effortless methods, you can increase the sense of belonging and download the Mi Band theme that fits your style.

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