How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?

We will teach you the way you can mirror your iPhone to the screen of your Samsung TV, and do this without any of you knowing extra components like an Apple TV device or any extra wires or anything. We will also clear up your questions such as ”How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?”. This is all going to be wireless and how you do this, we will show you the step-by-step process.

The great thing about that is back in the day Samsung and Apple did not play well together. So, they would be able to have that capability for their phones and not the iPhone, but now you are able to mirror your iPhone to the TV now.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV?

Back in the day, you had to buy an Apple TV device or another device and we all know how Apple is. They are really expensive with anything that they produce. So, you had to buy an expensive Apple TV, but now Samsung has eliminated the middleman. Eo that you can take a mirror wirelessly to the Samsung TV.

One of the great things that Samsung has offered in their newer TVs, is that they have Apple AirPlay built into the TV so that you can mirror whatever’s on your phone on the TV or on your iMac, and iPad.

Go to the Samsung TV Settings

The first thing you need to do is to hit the home button on your Samsung remote controller. Then, it brings up the menu that comes up on the bottom of your screen, and then you can see the icons on the bottom. You need to go all the way over to where the settings are. You should not clşck up, you only need to stay on the settings tab. That is a little secret.

Click the enter button, and once you hit that the box will pop up. Then go down to general, click over and then you will see Apple AirPlay Settings, click it and it will bring up a new menu.

Choose the Apple AirPlay

Make sure that AirPlay is on and then leave the required code for the first time only. So that you do not need to write a code every time when you use the Apple AirPlay.
This page is where you would punch in to get your Apple AirPlay working. So that your smartphone will sync up on your Samsung TV.

Take your iPhone

The next step that you need to do is to grab your iPhone and you need to swipe down and go to the mirror screens. Go to the top right corner and swipe down, and it brings up your Apple menu. You can see the screen mirroring, tap on that and depending on your Wi-Fi network you got to make sure your TV and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Then, you will see your TV, as soon as you see your TV, tap on it to mirror your iPhone to the TV.

Does it work on Every Samsung TV?

This particular feature may not work on every Samsung TV, so follow the steps to find out if your TV is compatible to do this. A lot of newer Samsung TVs will have this option available, but you just need to try it on your Samsung TV. If you own a Samsung TV and a iPhone, you can do this now thanks to the Samsung’s Apple AirPlay feature. Keep in mind that not all Samsung TVs have this feature, make sure to check out your own. Besides that there is no other possible way to mirror it. You can check the Samsung products that have the Apple AirPlay on here.

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