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How to use Combo in Game Turbo for Xiaomi devices?

Today, you will learn the Today you will see how to use Combo in Game Turbo, which is just one of Xiaomi’s great features. By using this feature, you can create an advantage over your competitors. And there’s no game you don’t win.

How to use Combo

Firstly you need to have a Xiaomi phone. And a game that added in Game Turbo.

  • If your game is not added to Game Turbo, first open the security application. Then tap the Game Turbo icon.
  • When you enter the game turbo you will see a plus button on the top right, tap on it. Then select the game you want to add to Game Turbo.


  • Now that we’ve added the game to Game Turbo, we can use the Combo feature. When you open the game, slide the transparent bar at the top right to the left. Then slide down little bit, You will see Combos button. Tap on it.
  • Of course, you should do the above steps in the section where you will use the Combos. After tapping on Combos button a menu will appear, here you have to tap on Create a combo button. Then you will see “tap to start recording” button. When you see that, you should start drawing your combo.
  • Here is an example of the combo drawing. When the drawing process is finished, simply touch the stop button on the screen.
  • Now that your combo drawing is saved, you can use it. Also if you want to turn off a combo you are using, just swipe the transparent bar to the left, tap combos and select the “off” setting.
  • And also you can adjust the speed, repeat and delay of your combo.
  • Xiaomi has also made it possible to change the location and size of this combo button. All of you need, just tapping the “adjust button” button. Then you can adjust the size and transparency of your button.
  • Starting the combo is pretty easy. Just tap the button to start. The button will turn blue. Tap the button again to stop

Now you have become a real mobile gamer! The advantage that Game Turbo provides to Xiaomi users cannot be ignored, right? Also if you wondering Game Turbo 5.0 you can read it in Xiaomiui. Comment your likes and dislikes about Game Turbo.

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