HUAWEI Mobile Services is incoming to OpenHarmony

OpenHarmony is HUAWEI’s new operating system to rival Android and is handed over to the OpenAtom foundation. With the latest OpenHarmony release, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data and other connectivity technologies are now supported. In late this year, HUAWEI Mobile Services is incoming to OpenHarmony.

HUAWEI HarmonyOS operating system can support smart home products, watches, phones, tablets and more. The new operating system is versatile and there are already devices using HarmonyOS. In 2021, electric vehicles with the HarmonyOS operating system were introduced. OpenHarmony, on the other hand, is an operating system that forms the core of HarmonyOS and is completely open source.

It is also included in the Android-based HarmonyOS available on cell phones and tablets, and brings with it the unique HarmonyOS features. It is not yet possible to use OpenHarmony operating system completely independent of Android on cell phones, as it is still under development. New mobile products using the OpenHarmony operating system are expected to be launched by 2024-2025. The new operating system will not support Android application packages, only HarmonyOS apps.

Big improvement: HUAWEI Mobile Services is incoming to OpenHarmony

HUAWEI Mobile Services is incoming to OpenHarmony and this development will greatly accelerate the development of the operating system. It will have HMS support, as well as support for the AppGallery Market, and installation of third-party applications will be greatly facilitated. In the Telegram group opened by the OpenAtom Foundation for the OpenHarmony operating system, it was reported on April 25 by the OpenHarmony group admin named Rui that HUAWEI Services will support OpenHarmony by the end of this year.

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