Get back MagiskHide | Downgrade to Magisk 23

So apparently after Magisk 23, Magisk Hide is gone. Well this post has the Magisk 23 and the guide to install it!

This is a guide to downgrade the Magisk. It won’t work in devices that’s not rooted/unlocked.


  • First of all, uninstall the all current Magisk modules. And reboot.
  • Then, go to the Magisk app and press “Uninstall Magisk”. This will remove the current installed Magisk version so we can install over the old one.
  • Then boot your device to TWRP using keycombo of your device. It’s mostly power+volume up. If it’s not do a research in Google, it should be there.

  • Download Magisk from below, and do the same flashing procedure as in the following image. Then tap on “reboot system”.
  • No, we are not done yet. Once the system boots, enter the Magisk app and it will ask you to update. Allow and update it. It will ask you to update the APK.
  • Then enter it. It will ask for the additional files. Tap “Ok”, it will download them and reboot your device automatically in 5 seconds.

And voila; you downgraded your Magisk to 23! You should see the MagiskHide in settings of Magisk now. Enable for the apps you want.

Please note that you might need to pass SafetyNet in order to make some apps not see the root. Because these apps usually check SafetyNet and not the root. There will be a guide to pass SafetyNet as well soon.

Although this will work mostly, theres a risk. Some custom ROMs pre-include Magisk for their stuff, like Spectrum, Dolby, Saturation by XDA, etc. It might work if you do not boot system until you flash Magisk 23 in this procedure. But still be aware that there’s a possibility it will break the ROMs that pre-include Magisk in themselves. You might ask the ROM maintainer for the workaround or tell them to don’t include Magisk.

Also this is only tested on some devices. It might not work. You’re responsible for your actions.

Download Magisk 23


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