Can’t wait for the iPhone 14? Here’s everything we know so far

The news came that Apple users wait. Apple gave the iPhone 14 news to curious users. Apple engineers started studies for iPhone 14. According to technology plans, the first engineer tests and recognizes the phone’s weak and strong sides. After the long test studies, most of the phone’s mechanic and design is revealed. iPhone released the iPhone SE for the first time in 2022, but it did not receive as much attention as expected. Now, Apple’s last phone innovation is going to be iPhone 14.

Analysts make comments about the iPhone 14 according to old iPhone models. Apple’s last phone model was iPhone 13 family. New iPhone’s design may not very different from the iPhone 13. Some bugs will be fixed, and new features added to the new model. Apple may make four models of iPhone 14 like old iPhones.

iPhone 14 Design

Apple makes important design changes with every new model. Now people are wondering about the iPhone 14’s design. The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to feature the new 4nm A16 Bionic chip and a two-hole display instead of a notch. They’ll also likely have a more prominent camera bump to house the 48MP camera. iPhone 14’s new camera can step further the Apple’s camera technology.

Apple probably uses titanium for the iPhone 14 Pro’s chassis. On the one hand, this material increases the cost, on the other hand, improves durability. According to technical drawings, iPhone 14’s screen will be the same as the iPhone 13’s. Unlike other models, iPhone 14 is expected to have a hole + pill design. Most technology brands use a hole + pill design but iPhone 14’s hole + pill design will be unique to Apple.

iPhone 14 Specifications

Phone 14 has many specifications such as storage, camera, and video quality. According to a rumor, iPhone 14‘s storage will step further the phone. It may have 4 or 6 GB RAM. It will support 5G. From the operating system perspective, iPhone 14 will use A16 Bionic chip. It will increase the iPhone’s performance. This performance improvement can be the most important specification for many Apple users.

On the other hand, it is said that Apple will not make a mini model. Some Apple users like mini models but Apple may drop mini models with iPhone 14. Also, new 14 will come with camera improvements. It is expected to have a 48-megapixel camera and 8K video quality. These camera improvements may come with iPhone 14 Pro models. This situation can promote to people for buying the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Features

Some Apple users expect the Touch ID. But according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it has not to Touch ID. Also, Data obtained by Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu shows that all iPhone 14 models will have a 120 Hz OLED display. Features of the new iPhone not just these are. According to Jeff Pu, all iPhone 14 models will have the same RAM (6 GB). It will be important for people who have a storage problem. Most people can like iPhone 14 because of this feature.

iPhone 14’s other important feature is “crash detection”. This feature will use sensors like the accelerometer, and it will detect car accidents. When a car crash is detected, the iPhone is going to notify the emergency services. Also, this feature will be not just on the iPhone 14, it also will be on the Apple Watch Series 8. Crash detection can be the most innovative feature of Apple’s new models. It can save many people’s lives.

iPhone 14 Release Date

According to the latest news, the iPhone 14 is in the EVT. EVT means engineering validation tests. These tests try the new model’s features and fix bugs. According to the latest news, the iPhone 14 is in the EVT. EVT means engineering validation tests. These tests try the new model’s features and fix bugs. iPhone 14 entered trial production in February. Trial production and tests mean the new model is appropriate for Apple’s exacting standards.

Apple releases new iPhone models every September. Apple is an important brand in the technology world so, Apple’s release dates are important for most technology users. There is no official release date for iPhone 14 but according to old release dates, iPhone 14’ release date is expected to be in September 2022. The eyes of many Apple users on this date.

As there is no official statement yet, iPhone 14’s design and features are just a rumor. Technology analysts work hard, and they make comments or drawings about the iPhone 14. They analyze old iPhone models and make specifications for the new ones. Waiting for the official release will be the truest thing for real information.

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