Is 5G really necessary? | Is it worth buying a 5G phone?

5G technology has been around for quite a while now and even though it has taken its sweet time, there is still not the necessary infrastructure in place to distribute this service in many countries but is this technology really worth the wait? Is it worth buying a 5G supported smartphone for?


Do we really need 5G?

With the uprising of 4G, our phones gained access to much higher speeds, speeds that exceeded far beyond 3G. However, it is not like we have access to this kind of speed anywhere in the country, not even today. While speed is important, accessibility is just as an important factor. Just like 4G, 5G will of course have the same issues since there is not a major game changing move from responsible parties. However, if you are in an area where you get a great signal, this issue surely does not affect you.


So let us move on to the next element on the list then. Do you need that sort of speed? 4G already provides a high speed connection that allows you to do a lot of things on the internet quite smoothly. Unless you are dealing with huge chunks of datas, you are still good with 4G speeds. Not to mention that ISP companies come in more handy when dealing with such conditions because using mobile data on these matters can be quite costly unless you are offered a great mobile data plan, which is less likely in many countries.


While 5G speeds are not much needed by a lot of users as there will not be a noticeable difference for regular users, there is also the matter of not being left behind the latest technology. So, in terms of buying 5G smartphone devices, we believe that you should still go for it as long as it does not require you to sell a kidney to get one, which really does not.

There are a lot of affordable 5G devices on the market that you can upgrade to, and if you have the chance, you should make the switch, even if your country is not yet ready for the technology. Because it will eventually come, and it is always better to be prepared!

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