Is Xiaomi a trusted brand?

Xiaomi, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer, offers phones in many price categories from cheap to expensive. Xiaomi, which manufacture phones with many features at an affordable price, is often preferred nowadays. So can we trust Xiaomi?

Can I trust Xiaomi with my data?

Previously, the privacy scandals of the “Mi Browser”, which was preinstalled on MIUI, had emerged. The browser caught and stored all your browsing data. Although these claims are not accepted by Xiaomi, other sources do not say so. However, after this news, the Mi Browser received a new privacy update.

Is Xiaomi a trusted brand?

Even though some security issues like this are surfacing, Xiaomi is trying to get rid of this bad image. By revising its user privacy policy, Xiaomi is improving privacy with new MIUI versions. But they are still not as ambitious as Apple.

Does Xiaomi send personal data to China?

As we explained above, although some browsing data was sent to a China based server, other critical data has not yet been sent to China. But since Xiaomi is a brand that is close to the Chinese government, things could change if the government requests the data. But if you don’t live in China, they can’t do such a thing. You can trust like your mother.

Are Xiaomi phones safe for banking?

You can safely use your banking apps on your Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi does not access your banking transactions. Moreover, there are no security vulnerabilities because the systems are tested by Google and the devices regularly receive security updates every month.

We’ve answered a lot of details about the privacy of Xiaomi products that you have in mind. You can ask us about things that confuse you!

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