Join the Movement: Sign the Petition for a Revamped MIUI Interface in MIUI 15!

As technology advances, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and the user experience has become a key factor in determining customer satisfaction. Xiaomi, a renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has garnered a massive user base with its MIUI software. However, some users, including Sheime Gundo, a devoted Xiaomi user, are voicing their desire for a much-needed interface change in the upcoming MIUI 15 update. This article explores the reasons behind this demand and the significance of updating the UI after three years of continuity.

The Long-Standing MIUI Interface

MIUI has been the default operating system on Xiaomi smartphones for several years now. Its user-friendly interface, customization options, and regular updates have earned Xiaomi a dedicated following. However, some Xiaomi users have started to express their concerns about the UI’s repetitive nature. Since MIUI 12’s release, the interface design has remained largely unchanged, leading to a sense of stagnation among users. As technology rapidly evolves, an updated and modernized user interface has become a highly sought-after feature.

Sign the Petition

Sheime Gundo, a Xiaomi user and enthusiast, has initiated a petition, urging Xiaomi to overhaul the user interface in the upcoming MIUI 15 update. The petition, hosted on, has started traction and gathered thousands of signatures from Xiaomi users who share the same sentiment. Mr. Gundo believes that after three years of familiarity with the current interface, it is time for a refreshing change to enhance the overall user experience.

The Importance of Interface Redesign

A user interface serves as a gateway between users and their devices, greatly influencing the overall user experience. A well-designed interface can improve user engagement, navigation, and overall usability. On the other hand, an outdated or monotonous interface may lead to user frustration and a potential loss of interest in the brand.

By introducing a new and innovative interface in MIUI 15, Xiaomi can not only attract new users but also retain their existing loyal customer base. Users appreciate change and innovation, and a revamped UI can make the overall smartphone experience feel fresh and exciting. Additionally, a modernized interface can align Xiaomi with current design trends and provide a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive smartphone market.

Maintaining Usability and Familiarity

While users are eager for a change, it is essential to strike a balance between introducing novel elements and preserving the usability of the MIUI system. Xiaomi must ensure that the new interface remains intuitive and familiar to long-time users to avoid any significant disruptions in their daily smartphone interactions.

Xiaomi’s responsiveness to its user base is crucial in this endeavor. Engaging with users during the interface development process and taking their feedback into account can result in a more user-centric design. Transparency in the development and updates will foster a sense of trust between the company and its users.


As Xiaomi users eagerly anticipate the MIUI 15 update, Sheime Gundo’s petition serves as a poignant reminder that a fresh, modernized user interface can greatly impact user satisfaction and brand loyalty. With the support of thousands of users, the call for an interface overhaul has gained significant momentum. By embracing change, staying connected with their user community, and emphasizing innovation, Xiaomi can create an MIUI 15 experience that excites and satisfies its vast user base while attracting new users to its ecosystem.

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