How to See Spotify Friends on mobile? SpotiBuddies App

To all of the Spotify users that are keeping track of their friends’ music taste, see what they’re listening to and listen to the music they listen. I’m afraid that stuff was for PC app only, until now.

What is SpotiBuddies?

SpotiBuddies is a simple app that can keep track of your friends, see what they’re listening to at the current time.

How SpotiBuddies Work?

Spotify’s music streaming technology is also applied socially into the app itself. Spotify can keep track of the music you’re listening to, and if you accept it, it can also show your friends/followers the music you listen to and they can click on the song you’re currently listening right now and listen to it. As Xiaomiui, we’ve integrated this feature to Android/iOS as a simple and friendly 3rd party app.

See What Friends Listen To on Spotify

We’ve made Spotibuddies easy to use, lightweight and quick. Let’s see how you can use it.

  1. Download Spotibuddies from Play Store/App Store
  2. Open the app and click on login.
  3. Login via your Spotify account
  4. Now you’re inside Spotibuddies, enjoy!

SpotiBuddies Features

There are 5 core features inside this app, let’s see what they are.

  • Click onto your friends’ name/click on play to play the song

You can click onto your friends’ name and then the app will redirect you into your friends’ profile. You can also press the play button to play the song that your friend listens to at the moment.

  • Click “Spotify” to get in the main page

  • Click “Add friend” to go in to the seach bar.

  • In-app search bar to check your specific friend.

And that’s how you can use Spotibuddies. Till Spotify integrates this feature to their own app, this app will be great use to anyone who uses it. Here are the links below.


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