Lawnchair Android 12L Support has been added!

As we all know, Lawnchair is the most close launcher to the Pixel launcher along with the many customizations and combinations when we look for a launcher. They had support for QuickSwitch(recents provider) on Android 11 and 12. But after the release of 12L, they didn’t update for a long time. But now here we are, they officially announced that they released a version that works in Android 12L! We will show you afew screenshots of how it looks alongside with how to install it with the recent provider support.

Screenshots of Lawnchair 12L

So as you can see, it’s pretty same as the old one it seems like, but with newer Android 12.1 styled UI alongside with some new features such as adding share and screenshot button to the recents screen. To install it, read the guide below.


Lawnchair installation guide

You definetly need Magisk of course, along with the full root access. It’s not hard to install Lawnchair, it just takes quite a few steps. Follow the proccedure below.

  • Flash the QuickSwitch module. Do not reboot once it flashes, just turn back to the homescreen.
  • Download and install latest dev build of Lawnchair.
  • Once you have it installed, open QuickSwitch.
  • Tap on the “Lawnchair” app right under your default homescreen app.
  • Once it asks for you to confirm, tap “OK”. If you have anything unsaved, save it before tapping it. This will reboot the phone.
  • It will configure the module and needed other stuff.
  • Once it’s done, it will reboot the phone automatically.
  • Once your phone has booted up, enter settings.
  • Enter apps category.
  • Choose “default apps”.
  • Set Lawnchair as your default homescreen here, and turn back to homescreen. And that’s it!

Now you have Lawnchair installed on your device along with gestures, animations and recent support, which is just like stock launcher on Android 12L. Please be aware that it might conflict with any else modules if you have, as some of the modules are known to break other modules. So we recommend you to take a backup before doing anything.

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