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GNOME 42 Introduces A Dark Mode Wallpaper Switcher

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Recently, the GNOME team announced that GNOME 42 would introduce a native dark mode. Following in many other distros and desktops’ footsteps, this is a big move from the GNOME developers considering their strict stance on theming with projects such as libadwaita.

Following the announcement of a dark mode, they added a wallpaper switcher that changes your wallpaper depending on the system theme.

Here is what the new GNOME 42 wallpaper switcher looks like:

adwaita dark mode
Adwaita wallpaper in dark mode. (credit: omg!ubuntu)

This is a very good change that indicates the GNOME  developers are actually taking user feedback into consideration and adding features we have requested for a long time into their desktop environment.

gnome 42 theme
GNOME’s new theme. (credit: omg!ubuntu)

GNOME 42, while still in an alpha phase, is currently available for testing in Fedora Rawhide, which you can download here, and GNOME OS Nightly, which you can download here. Please do keep in mind that Fedora Rawhide is a development build of Fedora, and GNOME OS is not to be considered a daily-driver Linux distro.

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