Lu Weibing celebrates his fourth year at Xiaomi!

Lu Weibing is one of the important executives working at Xiaomi. With the recent events, Lu Weibing has been promoted to the group president. Lu Weibing was the manager of Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi earlier.

Lu Weibing will now manage the group’s ecological chain and smartphone departments, as Xiaomi states, he has been appointed to head of the company’s international trade department. Xiaomi makes a couple of changes in the executive team. You can read our previous article to learn more about Lu Weibing from this link.

Lu Weibing works with Xiaomi for 4 years!

Lu Weibing announces his gratitude for his job at Xiaomi in a post on his Weibo account. We attached the post in the image below. (machine translate used)

Xiaomi thanks to Lu Weibing in a message. Here’s the quote by Xiaomi HR.

“On Jan 2nd, 2019, you became employee of Xiaomi.

Today is your 4th anniversary at Xiaomi; It has been such a memorable journey, as we fought side by side as a team. Thank you for all your hardwork and sacrifices along the way; in our pursuit of greatness. Let’s continue bringing happiness to others and creating miracles together.”

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