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MagSafe Android – How to Get MagSafe on Android?

With MagSafe being just over a year old, it is surprising that no manufacturer on Android has implemented the MagSafe Android technology. It has many great uses, and a whole ecosystem of products is available.

Whenever someone switches over from an iPhone to an Android phone, there is always one feature that leaves a lot of accessories, unfortunately just not being able to be used, and that is MagSafe.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is just the magnetic system that Apple’s using to kind of open up a whole new world and a whole new market for accessory makers. Think of things like the MagSafe battery pack, the Spigen MagSafe Wallet, and even the camera manufacturers like Moment. They are coming out with MagSafe accessories to allow you to attach your phone like a tripod or something of that nature.

So, to say that MagSafe is a gimmick, we think, is just not a fair assessment of what the technology can actually do. If you are moving over to an Android phone, you completely lose that, so what we wanted is to find a product that actually offered MagSafe Android functionality.

How to Get MagSafe on Android?

We will be reviewing one of the MagSafe Android accessories on the market, and it is the Mophie Snap-On Adapter that advertises you can add max functionality to any phone, not even just your iPhone but also Android phones. Let’s take a look and see how it works. We used Pixel 6 Pro, and we have Spigen MagSafe Wallet to try with this accessory. We also try with MagSafe charger.

MagSafe Mophie Snap Adapter

We have a cool little packaging, and you will see the user’s manual, tool to align MagSafe properly, and lastly, you get two MagSafe rings, which are pretty cool and super thin. With the installation guide, you can place the correct place on the phone.

It will be an easy installation. After you place the ring in the middle of the phone, you can already see that it is a strong magnet. Even if you shake it, you can see that it will not take off. Then, pull the little plastic area on the ring, and make sure that there is no sticky residue there.

If you hold the device after placing it, you do not want to feel a sticky area, and if you look closer, you can see that the ring is very thin, and does not look as bad. When you are just using the device normally, you should not feel the ring on the back of your phone because it will affect the way you use it.

It feels like the ring on there really solid it almost feels like it is not there. When you are looking at the Pixel 6 Pro, the kind of color matchup that we have on here is the black and white colorway; it matches it perfectly.

MagSafe Android is working perfectly fine, and no issues there. There is a little bit of a gap there, but that will not have any issues because it is really sticking on there. We think that they just have to make the ring part a little thicker to fit more magnets in it.

We used MagSafe Android with the charger, and it worked fine, and it connected right away. The pull feels the same as when we use an iPhone.


MagSafe is becoming more popular day by day, and there are not many alternatives for MagSafe Android. The product that we reviewed is an alternative to the official MagSafe, and it worked perfectly. If you consider buying it check out MagSafe Android Mophie Snap Adapter on Amazon.

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