Make your TV Android: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 1080p

Companies have started to expand their ecosystems thanks to the technology system they have established. They have succeeded in adding new devices to the ecosystems they have produced. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is one of them. Today, smart watches, phones, tablets and even televisions have operating systems that attract attention. Especially by connecting the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick device to the televisions, it allows you to watch television with pleasure. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is an application hosting system served by an Android operating system with various applications. These programs are You can easily access applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Disney Plus and Twitch from the television.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick can open different types of files. In addition, we can list the file types supported by the device as “RM, MOV, VOB, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4, MP3, ACC, FLAC and OGG”. Most importantly, Mi TV Stick runs on Android. Therefore, programs are downloaded by users as Google Play or APK to open files that are not suitable for the device. Mi TV Stick Android device has 8GB of storage. This amount of application installation space is available. You can easily download your preferred applications from Google Play Store to your device. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick optimization is available in almost every application. A separate difference has been created for game lovers. There are games that you can play as a “game pad” with the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick remote.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Hardware Features

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is supported from all Google services including Android OS. E.g; You can watch YouTube videos in 1080p Full HD resolution. You can also easily open your e-mails via television. The presence of these features on this device has made it more demanding. When we look at the technical details of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, we see that it is powered by the 3-core Cortex-A53 main processor. In addition, the graphics part has the Mali-450 graphics processor. However, it has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. These features of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick can meet expectations. Users were very satisfied with this product of the Xiaomi brand. Features of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick:

Warranty24 Months
Sound SystemNo
Analog ConnectionsHDMI
Digital ConnectionBluetooth
Supported Resolution (Pixel):1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Power ConnectorMicro USB

Device Inspection

The length of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is 92.4 mm. It is also designed to fit easily anywhere. With its light weight of 30 grams, this device can be carried even in your pocket. Thanks to the Mi TV Stick’s small size, it can be easily connected to any TV with an HDMI input. Most importantly, it is very easy to install. All you must do is plug the Mi TV Stick into the HDMI input and connect it to Wi-Fi and make it ready for use. After this step is completed, you can examine the features of the device. You can customize your television, which has become a smart device, by using it as you wish.

How to Charge Mi TV Stick?

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has a micro-USB port on the back. Thanks to this port, you can transfer your preferred program to the device. You can also easily charge it. The device does not work with batteries. Thanks to the durability of the device, there are no problems. You can also charge the device when you are not using it. When you take the product out of the box, you will see that a USB cable and a charging adapter come out of the box.

Smart Mirroring Feature

Smart mirroring has become quite popular nowadays. This feature, which is available on smart mobile phones, is also available on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. With the built-in Chromecast, you can watch your videos by mirroring them from your smartphone to the TV. In addition, you can watch the image in 1080p HD quality by transferring it directly from your laptop to the TV screen.


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