Manu Kumar Jain is leaving Xiaomi after working for 9 years!

Manu Kumar Jain, the former Vice President and Managing Director of Xiaomi India, has stepped down from his role after leading the company for over nine years. Jain’s departure from Xiaomi marks the end of an era, as he was instrumental in the company’s growth and success in the Indian market.

Manu Kumar Jain is leaving Xiaomi!

Manu Kumar Jain is leaving Xiaomi, he posted an Instagram post a while ago clarification of him leaving with a few paragraphs in a picture, which we shown below.

He starts his post with saying;

“Change is the only constant in life.

In 2013, after having co-founded and grown Jabong. I stumbled upon Xiaomi and its unique philosophy of ‘Innovation for everyone’. It resonated a lot with me.”.

Then he keeps going with saying;

“I joined the Xiaomi Group in 2014 to start its India journey. The first few years were full of ups & downs. We started as a one-person start-up, working from a small little office. We were the smallest amongst the hundreds of smartphone brands, that too with limited resources and no prior relevant industry experience. But due to the efforts of a fantastic team, we were able to build one of the most loved brands in the country.”, which he explains his start and success in his carrier.

Then, the post continues with;

“After building a strong team and business, I wished to help other markets with our learnings. With this intention, moved abroad -1.5 years ago (in July 2021), and subsequently joined the Xiaomi International team. I am proud of the strong India leadership team that continues to work independently and tirelessly to enable millions of Indians with the latest technology.”, which he explains how he wanted to help others and with that intention he entered Xiaomi International team. He also states that he was proud of his old team as well.

Then, he explains more with;

“After nine years, I am moving on from the Xiaomi Group. I feel confident that now is the right time, as we have strong leadership teams across the world. I wish the Xiaomi teams globally all the best and hope they achieve even greater success.”, which is saying he is leaving and he wishes best luck to all of the Xiaomi teams.

Then, there is another important part saying;

“Over the next few months. I will take some time-off, before taking up my next professional challenge. I am a builder at heart and would love to build something new, ideally in a new industry. I am proud of having been a small part of the ever growing startup community, twice. I hope to return to it with another fulfilling challenge.”, which clarifies he is also planning about a new thing just like he did on Xiaomi.

Then, he also says;

“Nothing is impossible if people with the right intent come together. If you have interesting ideas that can empower millions, I would love to talk.”, stating that if anyone has such thing just like Xiaomi where that it affected millions of people, he is up for it.

Then, he ends the post by saying the famous Xiaomi quote;

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!”, he says.

Manu Kumar Jain’s departure from Xiaomi marks the end of a successful chapter in the company’s history. Jain’s unwavering commitment and leadership helped establish Xiaomi as a leading player in the Indian smartphone market and his impact on the company will not be forgotten. As Jain moves on to new endeavors, he leaves behind a legacy of growth and success at Xiaomi.

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