Messi will prefer Xiaomi phones — Xiaomi became the sponsor of Argentina Football Team

Argentina’s national football team to win the World Cup in Qatar last year, successfully securing the Hercules Cup and achieving Dzogchen at the end of his retirement career.

Since then, Argentina and Messi have received unprecedented attention worldwide, completely overshadowing Ronaldo in terms of popularity.

There is more good news for local fans: the official Weibo account of the Argentina National Football Team announced that Xiaomi has become its regional sponsor, and the two parties will work together to create brilliance.

Currently, the specific details of the collaboration have not been disclosed, but many netizens are eagerly awaiting Messi’s use of Xiaomi mobile phones.

After Messi and the Argentine football team’s victory, it was reported that they should now use the customized iPhone 14 Pro. The team logo had been previously leaked by the media.

According to previous statements, the Argentine team is expected to come to China next month, and they might even play a friendly match with the national football team. Many fans and Xiaomi supporters are eagerly waiting to see if this lineup will be replaced with Xiaomi phones.

At the same time, many netizens complained that Xiaomi is very good at choosing collaborations. They signed Su Bingtian before endorsing Xiaomi mobile phones as an Asian trapeze, then they signed Zhang Songwen with his “Hurricane” popularity, and now they have reached a collaboration with the Argentine team, continuing at full speed.

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