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Mi Band 6 vs Mi Band 7 Comparison

Eventually, we can please you with the official news of the upcoming Mi Band 7. We will explain and bring the news about the Mi Band 7, the most anticipated new product of this spring, but before that, we will compare the Mi Band 6 vs Mi Band 7 to decide if there are new features or not.

Mi Band 6 vs Mi Band 7

Today, the company brought news of the Redmi Note 11T series launched in China and scheduled for May 24th, and the phones are not the only devices launching at the event. Xiaomi just confirmed its Mi Band 7 is also launching on the same date as the Redmi Note 11T series, we even got some details about the specs as well as some images of its design and more.


The Mi Band 7 adapts the familiar pill shape design of its predecessors but with a 1.56-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 490×192 pixels. The Mi Band 6 has the same display size as the Mi Band 7 with the AMOLED screen, but with a resolution of 152×486. We think that this small difference cannot be seen clearly.


We have seen that the Mi Band 7 will come in 2 different models, non-NFC and general. That is good news but we do not know which version will be available in your country. Normally, the Mi Band 6 has no NFC built-in, but the Chinese manufacturer released another Mi Band 6 model with NFC this year.


There will be blood oxygen, exercise data measurements, as well as the usual mix of built-in apps of weather music and alarms. There seems to be a fair beat that has already surfaced about what we can expect to see from the Mi Band 7. It will come with a new sports tracking feature that we do not know yet.

The Mi Band 6 has heart-rate monitoring, sleep breathing quality tracking, 30 fitness modes, and stress monitoring. Maybe Mi Band 7 will come with more features, but we will see it on the 24th of May.


This is where we might see some vital changes in the technical features, the Mi Band 6 offered a huge collection of activity, and sports tracking features and it looks like the same will be the case on the Mi Band 7. What is more interesting here is that the possible inclusion of the built-in GPS previous Mi Band 6 has offered connected GPS support, through based on our personal experience, it was not the best support mentions of built-in satellite navigation support.

We can say that the navigation support of the Mi Band 7 suggests big changes are coming, and it points to the Mi Band 7 offering support of GPS and BDS satellite systems and being able to use a combination of a satellite systems to improve tracking accuracy that would be a big feature for the Mi Band 7.


Mi Band series always supported good battery life and it sounds like the things are going to get even better too if the rumour changes are to be believed. According to the rumours, we can see a 250mAh battery on the Mi Band 7, which is twice the Mi Band 6 with 125mAh.

Which Mi Band Version do you think is the Best?

As we have come to the end of the Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 6 comparison, which one do you think is the best? What do you think about the new upcoming Mi Band 7? Share your thoughts with us on the comments. Also, if you want to learn the price and the other details of the Mi Band 7, read our article in here.

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