Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2: Innovative Lighting Technology

Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 is different from the classical night lights. It activates with your motion. It can rotate 360°. You can use this night light everywhere. It has an innovative and magnetic design. Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 can be a soft lamp in your hand. It can guide you in dark environments with its soft light.

It has a dual light sensor and infrared detection with a wide 120° sensing area. It activates with human activity or motion. It supports real-time detection and if the sensor does not detect human motion for 15 seconds it switches off automatically. Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2’s features that will fascinate you:

  • Magnetic attraction design
  • Light sensor + infrared detection
  • 2800K warm yellow light
  • Two adjustable brightness settings
  • 365-day long-life batteries

Innovative Design

The most notable part of Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 is its innovative design. It has magnetic attraction and minimal design. After the place, the lamp to set it stays firmly in place. If you want, you can easily pick it up and move it as necessary. It is designed minimal for fitting in your hand. It has a base custom adhesive and it can be easily positioned everywhere.

This innovative night light includes a hemispherical lamp and magnetic base. It presents you with adjustable diffuse lighting with its 360°.  You can use this lamp everywhere that you need more lighting. Also, it can perfectly light every corner with its design.

Brightness Settings

Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 has two lighting settings. Its Low setting provides soft and warm light. The Low setting is suitable for use at night. Night light does not tire the eyes thanks to its soft light. The High setting is suitable for lighting dark areas. It easily illuminates your way. Also, this night light’s dual adjustable brightness level testing was made by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd.

Mi night light enhances eye protection. It has no harmful blue light. It features 2800K warm and gentle yellow light. There is no visible flicker. You can use Mi night light the night without disturbing anyone. Also, if you like studying at night, this feature can help you study at night.

Using Without Charging

This innovative night light includes ultra-low consumption. You can use this light for a long time. It works for up to 360 days without charging. It eliminates the hassle of cables. So, it leaves wall outlets free. If you turn it on 15 times a day for 15 seconds on Low brightness, you can see the least power consumption.

Mi night light’s minimal energy consumption provides you to use this light for a long time. It is important for several Xiaomi users. You don’t have to worry about constantly changing batteries. This saves both battery and time.

This innovative light can be your affordable Xiaomi home product. It is a smart, motion-activated, and minimal night light. You can use this lamp with its long battery life. Also, you can use this night light in most of the areas of your house. It can be easily positioned on bedside tables, stairs, and corridors.

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