Mi Pad 5 vs Galaxy Tab S7 Comparison | Which is better

When introducing the Mi Pad 5, the Chinese company made tons of comparisons to the iPad Pro, and while it does resemble Apple a bit, it does have a different operating system and plays in another price class. Instead, we think the Mi Pad 5 competes for more against the Galaxy Tab S7.

Mi Pad 5 and Galaxy Tab S7 running Android, and many features are very similar, but which one is better? We will explain this question in our Mi Pad 5 vs Galaxy Tab S7 article.

Mi Pad 5 vs Galaxy Tab S7

If you’re trying to decide between the Mi Pad 5 and the Galaxy Tab S7, there are a few key things to keep in mind.


Mi Pad 5 and Galaxy Tab S7’s design is very similar; the basic design is almost identical, but there are some differences. In contrast, Samsung uses a whole metal body. The Mi Pad 5 has a metal frame, and the back is plastic. The S7 has a super-premium feeling, but the transition from the frame to the rest of the body with the Mi Pad 5 is not as elegant as S7.

We get a USB-C port on both, and a headphone jack is missing. The Galaxy Tab S7 has a micro SD card slot, which Xiaomi does not have. Both devices have four speakers in total, and the sound quality is great and very similar. However, indirect comparison, Samsung’s sound is slightly better; while the Galaxy Tab S7 has a fingerprint scanner, the Mi Pad 5 does not have a fingerprint scanner. You can unlock the Galaxy Tab S7 using the webcam only, which is not very secure, the screens of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, and Mi Pad 5 are similar, and it could be that Mi Pad 5 even uses the same display.

Both are 11-inches in size, are 500nits bright, and have a very high resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels. Contrast and color reproduction are great. There are minor color differences, but that might be due to software, nothing major. We also like that both screens support 120Hz so that animations look very smooth and nice.


It would be best to keep in mind that you have got to buy the Xiaomi Stylus extra, while the Samsung S Pen is included with the tablet at no extra charge. Both pens are very similar; they have two buttons on their sides and are made of plastic, a pressure-sensitive tip that supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity; they are equally comfortable to hold and are both charged inductively by their tablets. The Xiaomi Stylus comes close in quality to the Samsung S Pen and Apple Pencil.

The writing is almost instant, Mi Pad 5 has its own notes app, which is the clone of Apple notes, and they have got a couple of gestures to take screenshots and so on, but that is it. Galaxy Tab S7 has much more software features built into the UI, which Xiaomi is lacking the essential feature is Samsung Notes, which we think is by far the best note-taking app for Android; we also get the echo mounts with tons of features for the Xiaomi Stylus pen, you can even use it as a remote.


Mi Pad 5 vs Galaxy Tab S7 differs in this feature, the Mi Pad 5 comes with an 8720mAh power battery, whereby the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 comes with an 8000mAh power battery. With 9 hours, Mi Pad 5 has a bit longer battery life than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, with 8 hours.

Internal Hardware

Internal Hardware inside the Mi Pad 5 sets a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S7 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus chipset with 6GB and 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

Both tablets are great for gaming, and you will be able to play all titles with high graphics on both. However, sometimes there are some differences; when playing Fortnite, you can set the graphics to epic on both, but while Mi Pad 5 supports 30fps only, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can handle 60fps. The software is a big difference, even though both are running Android 12.

In the past, Galaxy Tab S7 has been fantastic with the updates, and we are expecting it to get Android 13 too, but since the Mi Pad 5 is the first tablet Xiaomi is shipping globally, I have no idea and certainly no reference regarding the updated policy, the Xiaomi releases updates for their phones, which is great but we do not know how they are treating their tablets long-term.


Since the Mi Pad 5 is not available in the United States, we will use Euro prices, and you can convert them to your local currency. The Mi Pad 5 officially starts at €399, and the original price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 starts at €699. You can find great deals for both tablets. Usually, the Samsung is at least €150 to €200 pricier.


So, this is the end of the Mi Pad 5 vs Galaxy Tab S7 comparison. Before you make a decision, you can also read our article about Mi Pad 5 vs iPad 9 Comparison. Both tablets are great, but you must be careful when selecting the one. If you want to check out visit Amazon for Mi Pad 5 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.


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