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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 – Effective Cleaning Solution

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is will your big helper for your house’s cleaning. It is a Xiaomi product of the innovative world. It is a big helper for cleaning because it has several features. You can fascinate by its features and design. Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9’s most fascinating side is its high-speed digital motor. It easily cleans dust and hair with its motor. It has ultra-long 60 min battery life. You can clean your whole house with its battery life. Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9’s other fascinating features:

  • Click-in battery replacement
  • Five-step filtration
  • Reducing hair tangles
  • Removable dust cup

Powerful Motor

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is equipped with a high-speed digital motor. Dust can not escape from this motor. This vacuum cleaner works on all kinds of flooring. It cleans hidden dust. It presents a powerful clean with this high-speed motor. Also, it has a high torque floor brush. This brush can remove stubborn dust from deep cracks and carpet. There will be no war between you and stubborn dust thanks to this product.

The V-shaped brush can enter deep into surfaces to clean them, and it can protect the surface material. The V-shape brush is designed for reducing the amount of hair wrapping. This innovative roller design helps the vacuum cleaner move easily over several surfaces. Its roller design improves cleaning efficiency. You do not need to be afraid of not doing enough cleaning. This vacuum cleaner will clean every surface.

Long Battery Life

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 presents you with long-lasting suction power. It has 7x2500mAh high-capacity battery and 60-minute-long battery life. When using the crevice nozzle or the 2-in-1 dusting brush in Eco mode battery life can draw out to 60 minutes. These brushes can be used for mattresses, sofas, sofa gaps, ceilings, car interiors, and curtains. In other situations, battery life can change.

You can use a high-torque floor brush in Eco mode for 38 minutes. If you want to use a mini electric brush in Eco mode cleaner’s battery life can draw out to 42 minutes. Also, you can easily replace the battery with one simple click. If you buy the replacement battery, no need to wait for it to charge. The vacuum cleaner is designed with a wall-mounted charging bracket for charging and storage.

Effective Three Modes

The vacuum cleaner has three effective modes including High power mode, Standard mode, and Eco mode. Eco mode presents long battery life and daily cleaning. Standard mode presents immediate cleaning and war with stubborn dirt. High power mode presents stronger and more effective cleaning. You can choose your vacuum cleaner’s mode according to your cleaning situation.

According to the results of Dreame Technology Laboratory’s study, when you use the 2-in-1 dusting brush in standard mode, battery life draws out to 27 minutes. When you use the 2-in-1 dusting brush in High-power mode, battery life draws out to 8 minutes. These results can change according to your use.

Colorful Design

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is designed in the truest way for your cleaning comfort. It has 5- layer filtration for reducing secondary pollution. It is designed with a multi-cyclone separation system. This system improves dust collection efficiency. You can easily switch brush heads for cleaning different areas thanks to its design. This vacuum cleaner has a mini motorized brush for cleaning pet hair, etc. You can easily clean sofas, mattresses, and bedding.

With this vacuum cleaner’s design, there will be no dirty corner of your house. Also, with a 2-in-1 brush, you can clean your keyboard, sofa, and bedsheets. It has a large 0.6-liter dust cup. The 0.6L large-volume dust cup can hold a lot of dust. This vacuum cleaner’s design is minimalist for saving more space.

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 is a Xiaomi product that must be in your home. It can be your house’s favorite cleaner. It makes war with stubborn dust which is in every corner in your bouse. You will forget your anxieties about cleaning with this product. It is a product of the innovative cleaning world with its long battery life, colorful design, and powerful motor. It presents easy to use for your cleaning comfort.

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