Xiaomi Products That Must Be In Your Home

Mostly known in smartphone world, Xiaomi brand does not only produce smartphone products, but also provides a variety of other types of electronics, such as Wi-Fi routers, lamps, blenders, security cameras and the list goes on. It is not even just electronics! You can even find products under this brand from waterproof backpacks to cable organizers. In this content, we want to show you several cool Xiaomi products that will make your life easier at home.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steamer Oven

xiaomi product oven

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steamer Oven was one of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding project. It comes with 1200W high power evaporator that can cook your food in very short time periods.

  • It starts generating steam in 30 seconds and can keep going till 120 minutes on one single addition of water. You can easily cook pizza and even meat with it.
  • It has a relatively large capacity of 30L that is divided into three layers of brackets. So, it can save space and help you meet your needs. Especially, if your planning on cooking for vegetarians and meat-eaters at the same time. It also comes with a pull out water tank that helps you flexibly add water to avoid temperature drops.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

xiaomi product vacum cleaner

The Roidmi NEX 2 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner will make your house cleaning process easier. The handle is equipped with a color LED display that displays the status of the vacuum cleaner: basic settings, operating mode, a reminder to replace the filter, battery charge level.

The device received an improved engine system, thanks to which it was possible to increase the suction power and extend the battery life.

The set includes a brush with bristles (a combination of hard and soft bristles) arranged in a V-shape. This makes the process of collecting dust and debris more efficient.

In addition to this:

  • the device supports wet cleaning;
  • built-in 6-stage filter;
  • LED backlight;
  • magnetic charging;
  • supports synchronization through the application.

Xiaomi BUD Juicer

xiaomi product bud juicer

Xiaomi BUD Juicer is a modern model of juicer, which is simply indispensable. The device is multifunctional, has a stylish design, practical, durable and easy to use.
The main feature of the juicer is an improved mechanism for pressing products (1.5 times more water is pressed than in similar counterparts).
Equipment emits pure juice, while its taste is unusually fresh. The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is preserved. In addition, it is also possible to grind beans, cereals etc.

Xiaomi Bedside LED Lamp

xiaomi product bedside lamp

Xiaomi Bedside LED Lamp is a totally new product which is colorful, we are sure you will like it! This bed room light comes with 16 Millions colors where you can adjust the brightness according to your preference. Gestures such as clockwise, anticlockwise has their own function and waiting for you to explore

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Home Security Camera

xiaomi product security camera

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Home Security Camera is designed for high-quality video surveillance of the area around your house or business building. The device has a wide viewing angle that allows it to capture even the tiniest details. In addition, the gadget is equipped with a night vision system; thanks to this it continues to shoot a high-quality image even in the dark. In addition, the camcorder is adapted to unfavorable weather conditions, as it is equipped with IP65 protection against moisture. This allows it to be installed in open areas since water cannot negatively affect its functioning.

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