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Mijia DC Inverter Floor Fan E Review: A smart fan with excellent cooling

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Sometimes a ceiling fan is not enough to provide the desired cooling and a good floor fan can help you in this situation. A floor fan also comes in handy if you are looking for a more portable option when compared to a ceiling fan. In this post, we’ll review the MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E and find out what this smart fan by Xiaomi is capable of.

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E Features

Floor fans are a great way to beat the heat in summers, they can be moved from one place to another, allowing you to easily move the same fan from one place to another in your house. The fan we’ll be discussing today is no ordinary fan, in fact, it’s a smart fan that comes with XiaoAI assistant & MIJIA app support.

If you have read our previous articles on Mijia fans then you might already know that Mijia fans come imitate natural wind and low operating noise and the MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E is no exception.


The overall appearance of the fan is pretty decent and simple. MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E comes in plain white color which is quite the style of Mijia. The diameter of the fan is 33cm and the height is 95cm.

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E grill MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E parts

The body is made up of ABS material, which is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. The body of the smart fan appears to be very durable. The fan is covered by a fine grill cover and it is not easy for children’s fingers to penetrate, ensuring safety.


One of the most important things to consider while buying a floor fan is the motor. A strong motor ensures that you get proper cooling. MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E features a high-quality copper wire DC inverter brushless motor that cuts power consumption in half when compared to typical fans. The motor is quiet, with a minimum working noise of 29.8 dB. (A). The air output is soft and silent as well and the head angle can reach 90°.

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E motor and fan

Way to control

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E is fairly simple to control, it can be controlled in two ways. One is the button control on the top of the motor and the other is through the mobile app. The fan itself supports the Mijia App and can be controlled through the mobile phone. The connection process is very simple. The device will be automatically searched when the device is added to the Home App.

There are 6 indicator lights next to the power button. There is timing, Swing, a direct blow/natural wind switch, and a power button. The fan also has WiFi indicators and natural wind indicators.

Smart features

The MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E can be used together with other cooling and heating appliances as well as air purifiers to evenly distribute the air. All the gadgets can be linked together to function at the same time. Not only that, the MIJIA DC inverter floor fan E can be operated intelligently through a XiaoAI-enabled device and the MIJIA app.

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E control

Although the fan looks small, the air volume is sufficient, especially when facing the wind, you can also feel the strong wind across 1.5m. The air volume is larger than the traditional floor fans and although it even is softer, there is no uncomfortable feeling of rushing to the face.

MIJIA DC Inverter Floor Fan E Price

The MIJIA smart fan is available at a price of 239 yuan which is only $37. MIJIA DC inverter floor fan E comes at a very reasonable price and provides incredible value. However, the fan is only available for sale in China and is unlikely to be available globally.

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