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Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Review

In our daily lives we use many different tools for different purposes. Especially when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, there are many products on the market. While some of these have a wider range of uses, some of them are quite specified. Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is among the products that are for specific purposes. For example, this product can thoroughly clean small items like glasses and watches. Besides it can do this in a very short amount of time. If you care about keeping your small items clean but don’t like the actual process of cleaning them, this product can be a great option for you.

When it comes to cleaning, many people hate having to clean small items. While doing a general cleaning in your home may be easy for you, you may be having the same feelings about small items as well. Also ensuring the right level of cleanliness can be difficult with such delicate items. However, with Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine it is possible to get many kinds of small items clean in a very easy way. Therefore, you might be wanting to learn more about this product. In this review we are going to take a detailed look at many features of this cleaning device. So, let’s dive in and start by learning about its technical specs.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Technical Specifications

If you are going to buy a new cleaning device such as this one, you may be wanting to know about many different aspects of this product. For example, if it is a stationary product that you are going to keep in your home, you might want to know about its design. Also, functionality is key when trying to find a new cleaning device to buy. So, an important thing to look at is the product’s technical specs. Because these features can greatly impact the quality of this product. Then they can also impact its functionality and its ability to actually clean.

In terms of technical specs, Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine has qualities that are suitable for its purpose. Basically, with this tiny cleaning device, what we aim to clean is small items. For example things like some jewelry, certain makeup tools or maybe even some small machine parts are among these items. Since cleaning these objects can be fairly annoying this product can be suitable for many users. Also the technical specs that it has allows it to be quite functional and effective in doing what it does. So, let’s take a look at these specs in detail and see what they are like.

Size and Capacity

For many home appliances, size and capacity are two very important factors. Because we always want to have the best of both worlds in terms of these two factors. Firstly, we mostly want to have the tool to be fairly small and able to fit where we put it. Then we also want the capacity to be enough for its intended use. As far as these two points, Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is a very good tool. Because it is a very small cleaning device first and foremost. Also, it has a good amount of capacity for many small items, especially when we consider its tiny size.

To be specific, the products dimensions are 211×100.8×60.2 mm. This means that in inches, its dimensions are roughly around 8.3×3.96×2.37. As you can see from these measurements, it is a very small device for cleaning. Then the dimensions of the cleaning chamber inside the product are 158×68.5×38.5 mm. And in inches the measurements are roughly around 6.22×2.69×1.51. Therefore, despite its small size the cleaning area can allow you to clean many different kinds of small items. From jewelry to old coins, you can use this product to clean a wide variety of objects.

Power and Voltage

In this day and age, many of the tools we use in our daily lives require electricity. Especially when it comes to cleaning machines like dishwashers, washing machines and small ultrasonic cleaning machines like this one, it is very likely that you will need electricity to use it. So before you decide to buy a product such as this, you might want to check out its voltage and wattage levels. Because these factors can impact things like performance and how much electricity that the product uses.

Since it is a pretty tiny cleaning device, it has low amounts of rated voltage and wattage levels. For example its rated power is at 15W. When you compare it with the average wattage levels of many of the devices we use everyday, you can see that it is not huge. Besides, it usually doesn’t take this product to do its job. So many people can expect to use it for short amounts of time. Therefore the electric consumption of this ultrasonic cleaning device can be quite low. Then the rated voltage of Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is at 12V. Also let’s not forget to mention that in order to use this tool you may need an adaptor device.

Timing, Controls and Other Features

Now that we have talked about the technical specs of this product such as size, capacity, power levels and so on, let’s take a quick look at its other features in terms of specs. Firstly, let’s start by talking about timing. Because you must be wondering how long it can take for this device to complete cleaning the items you put in it. According to many sources, it can clean many items in a time period as short as three minutes. However this is likely for items that are not really that dirty to begin with. So if you are trying to clean dirtier items, you may need to repeat the process multiple times.

Along with timing, another quality that we will take a look at is its materials. Firstly, one material used in making this product is ABS. It is a material that costs low and provides good amount of durability and resistance. Then the other material used in this product is SUS304 stainless steel. It is a popular type of stainless steel and just like the other material we have talked about, it is fairly resistant and low cost. Also, if you are curious about the weight of the product, it is 345g. So it is a quite light product as well.

How Can Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Make Your Life Easier?

When deciding to buy a product, it can be a good idea to look at its technical specs, design features and so on. However, what really matters is to know how the product can impact your life in a positive way. Because at the end of the day, this is the reason why you want the product in the first place. In terms of usefulness, Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can offer you convenience when cleaning small objects that are suitable for this product to clean.

Basically, whether this product can make your life easier or not depends on whether you find cleaning these items easy or not. So if you hate having to clean small objects that you have, this product can be a great help. Because it is a very easy to use product that can clean many small items. However, what it can offer you as a cleaning device is somewhat limited. Since it has a fairly small size, its not possible to clean very large items with it.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Design

If you are planning to buy this product, you must be wondering about its functional features. Also, if you are going to have this at your house, the design may be another important factor for you. In terms of design, it has a very minimalistic look and it looks very simple. So it is easy to see that it can blend in easily with the environment due to its basic look.

Moreover it is a product that looks appropriate for its purposes. As a cleaning product, it looks clean and orderly. And at the end of the day, it is a fairly small product as well. Therefore if you like its functionality but don’t like its style, it is still not an issue. Because you can put it in a drawer or somewhere like that when you are not using it. Then when you need to use Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, you can easily get it out and easily get it ready for use.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Price

When buying a new home appliance, it is easy to find yourself unable to make a decision. Because there are many products out there with expensive prices. So you might easily start thinking whether it is worth buying them or not. However, with Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine it probably won’t be an issue for you. Because, despite its slick design and many great features, this product is usually quite expensive on many online shops.

By taking a quick look at some online stores, you can see that this product is usually available for sale at around $26 to $40. Also in many of these stores, you can see shipping costs around $5 or more depending on where you are. Considering that it has a somewhat limited use, its affordable price is great news. However, let’s not forget that these are current prices in just a few online stores. So depending on your source, the prices of this product may vary. Also over time, we can see its price changing as well.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Pros and Cons

After taking a look at the many features of this product including its specs, design and price, now you might have an idea on whether it is something you want or not. However, it can also be difficult to make a decision while considering all that information. So in order to make things a bit easier, you may need to take a look at the pros and cons of Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine. Here we have a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of this cleaning device. Now you can check them out and get a better understanding of this product.


  • It is a very small product and light with a simple design.
  • It has a good amount of capacity for its size.
  • It has a fairly low energy consumption.
  • Very easy to use.


  • It has somewhat limited area of use.
  • For really dirty items, it can take some time for cleaning.
  • It can be noisy, which some users may not like.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Review Summary

In terms of its area of use, Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can be fairly helpful when it comes to cleaning small objects such as glasses, makeup equipment, toothbrushes, jewelry, watches and more.

It is a small device and it is quite easy to use. However it has a somewhat limited usability since it is only for items that can fit its cleaning chamber. Also it may require some time to clean items that are too dirty. But this cleaning device can be worth taking a look at if it has the qualities that you want.

Is Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Worth Buying?

So as we have taken a detailed look at the many different aspects of this product, you might be wondering whether you should buy it or not. Since this is a product with a somewhat limited area of use, it can be difficult to get information about it. Therefore you may struggle deciding if it can be useful for you or not.

Basically if you have small items that you don’t like cleaning, this product may be helpful. Because it is fairly easy to use and can clean a wide variety of small objects. However, if you don’t mind cleaning such items, you may not want this device. At the end of the day, whether Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is worth buying or not for you is something that only you can decide.

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