Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T Review

We will look at a very interesting vacuum robot from Xiaomi which is called Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T. It is also known as Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro+. This vacuum cleaner got our interest for two reasons. The first is the addition of a ToF sensor on the front bumper, which helps the robot recognize obstacles and go around them.

According to Xiaomi, the Mijia 1T can recognize wires, small objects, and even the surprises your pet eaves you. All of this can set back cleaning. Secondly, the suction power of the robot reaches 3000 Pa, thanks to which the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T cleans better. In this article, we will test the Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T, and share with you our detailed review and opinion on whether this Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T is worth buying.

Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T Review

The Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T price starts at $300, which is more expensive than the similar Mijia 1C. Also, the device does not have much, including the robot, the box includes a charging base, a power cord with a Chinese plug, a power cord with a European plug, and necessary forward cleaning with a microfiber cloth attached, manual in Chinese, and an instrument for cleaning the brush. There is not much else in there. As you might guess, the robot was intended for China, so the package and the manual are all in Chinese.

Technical Features

  • Battery: Li-Ion 5200 amps.
  • Suction Power: 3000 Pa.
  • Work Time: 180 mins.
  • Clearing Area up to 240 sqm (787 Sqf).
  • Dustbin Space: 550 ml (18.5 Oz).
  • Water Tank Space: 250 ml (8.5 Oz).
  • Obstacle Size up to 20 mm (0.7 inches).
  • Size: 350*82 mm (13×3 inches).


Let’s take a look at the Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T’s exterior. It came round and black. It is 82 millimeters tall. There are two buttons for stop/pause and return base for charging on the control panel up top. Next to it is a navigation camera, thanks to it the robot can build a map of the house and save it.

On the front we can see a sensor for recognizing objects on the floor, the dust collector is right underneath the lid, it fits up to 550 millimeters of dirt. The filtration system is based on mesh and HEPA filters. The cloth for mopping can be attached to the back inside it, we can see an electronic water regulation pump on the container that can fit up to 250 millimeters of water. The cloth is attached through velcro and a slider.

On the back, there are four anti-full sensors as well as an optical sensor that helps the robot arrange itself. There is only one three-sided side brush with a bryce lens on the side, we can see a brush that helps the brush clean itself from hair and fur. The central brush is a common model, six-sided, and can be taken off from one side.

Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T App

The Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T is controlled through the Mi Home App. You can download the Mi Home App from Google Play Store or Apple Store. On the main screen, you can see the map the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T had built saved, and zoned for individual rooms. In the settings, you can save the map, set up a cleaning schedule, and choose the time, and the suction power.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick individual rooms for cleaning but you can turn on automatic power increase for carpets to make your robot clean after charging and also turn on do not disturb for specific times. You can also turn on notifications and choose the language you want your robot to speak.

In the menu, you can also find the cleaning log, in which you can view your water level, manually control your robot and turn on finding your robot in the area editor, you can connect rooms on the app or separate them apart.

Also, you can find a section where you can set up virtual walls, and no-go zones for mopping. You can rename your robot, share your controls with others and update your app. The bottom two buttons are responsible for automatically cleaning and getting the robot back to the base on the main screen. If you swipe up, you will see a section for regulating your suction power and checking your water tank level. You can set a specific point for your robot to clean or just pick specific rooms that need tighten up.

Is Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T Worth Buying?

It has some benefits, including simultaneous mopping and vacuuming, it has big water and dust containers. Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T is great with obstacles and has good functions. The mopping and vacuuming are above average, but the app runs slow as it runs on the Chinese servers. Also, there is one disadvantage, which is you cannot choose individual rooms when setting up your schedule. If you do not mind cleaning individual rooms, then you can buy Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T from Aliexpress.

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