Xiaomi Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot: A powerful and compact vacuum cleaner

In this article, we’ll review the Xiaomi Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot that comes with a new dragging and sweeping and has an ultra-thin design. In recent years Xiaomi has significantly increased its smart home lineup, The Chinese tech giant is dedicated to launching products that are pocket friendly and possess a futuristic design. The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot comes with high utility and is capable of reaching compact places. Let’s learn more about this ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner.

When buying a robot vacuum cleaner, most of us are not only concerned about the cleaning and mopping effect of the robot vacuum cleaner, but also whether the robot vacuum cleaner can clean the bottom of the bed, sofa, or cabinet without having to lift it.

The good news is that the Mijia ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner has an ultra-thin body of 5.5cm which makes it suitable for cleaning low spaces that are difficult to clean. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance function to achieve intelligent obstacle avoidance in all scenarios.

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Sweeping and Dragging Robot Overview

You’ll love the Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Sweeping and Dragging Robot! This versatile little machine is perfect for keeping your floors clean. It’s ultra-thin design means it can effortlessly glide under furniture, and its powerful suction can pick up even the toughest dirt and debris. Best of all, the Xiaomi Mijia is fully automatic, so you can simply set it and forget it! Let the Xiaomi Mijia do the work for you, so you can relax and enjoy your clean home.


The appearance design of the Mijia Ultra-Thin Sweeping and Dragging Robot is glossy and very minimalist. The top of the device is designed with a piano black mirror and the height is significantly low, it has an ultra-thin body of 5.5cm. The overall size is 323*320*55mm. It has various cameras and sensors on it which help it avoid obstacle and perform smooth cleaning.

Hardware Configuration

The Mijia ultra-thin robot uses a two-in-one water tank in addition to a large dust box for sweeping and mopping. For sweeping, it is configured with a 4-speed adjustment of 2000pa maximum suction, a fixed-bristle roller brush, single-side brush ,and 500ml dust box. The robot vacuum cleaner has a battery capacity is 3200mAh.

If we talk about the mopping component, the Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot is equipped with a two-in-one water tank of 225ml, a dust box, and a  200ml electronically controlled water tank, with a washable mop.


This sweeping robot is equipped with ToF 3D ranging and obstacle avoidance technology which helps it achieve intelligent all-terrain obstacle avoidance. it uses the front ToF camera to cooperate with high-precision sensors while cleaning to  identify the environment and avoid obstacles. By Calculation and intelligent perception it can quickly find the distance and measurement of obstacles and automatically bypass small objects, furniture, and walls while cleaning to avoid collisions. It also intelligently avoids areas that are high.

The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot is equipped with a front ToF sensor and its onboard camera to further its visual navigation ability. its scanning range is increased by 4 times, and the mapping accuracy is increased by 5 times as compared to it its predecessor.

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Sweeping And Dragging Robot Price

The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot was launched at a price of 2499 Yuan but now it is available at a discounted price of 1599 Yuan that is around $242. The robot vacuum cleaner is only available for sale in China and we don’t think it will be launched in the international markets.

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