MIUI 13 Features: New Launcher Animation

Xiaomi continues to make new MIUI 13 Features. With MIUI Launcher Alpha, it continues to close the deficiencies of the system. Let’s take a look at the new animation that comes with version v4.26.0.4048.

Xiaomi has brought an update to the Launcher application, which it will present to us with MIUI 13. The new update includes 8 new features and a new animation has arrived. Let’s take a look.

New MIUI 13 Launcher Update Changelog

  • Fixed that gestures are invalid when swiping quickly
  • Fixed the crash when switching between classic mode and sliding up
  • In the drawer, press the shortcut to enter the recent task and disappear.
  • When switching themes, the shortcut thumbnails in the folder are not updated;
  • Fixed the crash problem of Xiaoai icon classification
  • Added loading animation on desktop
  • Adapted to Android S native widgets, click on the text bar to pop up a detailed message interest
  • Fixed the bug of split screen, returning to the desktop from the application, the icon is stuck on the desktop and does not disappear;
  •  Fixed the inconsistency between the recent task card lock display and the actual lock state
  • Recent tasks, full-screen gesture performance optimization;
  • Other crash fixes.

New MIUI 13 Launcher Animation

The new animation appears when the launcher doesn’t load your icons. While this animation is showing, your icons start to come to the main screen and show an animation instead of waiting on the idle screen.

Download MIUI 13 Launcher

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