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New budget earphone by Xiaomi: $15 Xiaomi Capsule earphones

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The wireless headphones are currently on trend with the removal of headphone jack from the phones and Xiaomi still continues to produce wired earphones. People may prefer wired earphones for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they dislike Bluetooth connectivity and will use the headphone on devices without Bluetooth. On the Chinese Xiaomi Store website, Xiaomi Capsule earphones are ready for the new customers!

Xiaomi Capsule and Xiaomi Capsule Pro

Although there are headphones with a Type C connector, Xiaomi opted to use a 3.5mm connector instead. Xiaomi Capsule is priced at 99 CNY ($15) and Xiaomi Capsule Pro is 129 CNY($19). We don’t know the global pricing yet. Here are the images of two earphones.

The first thing we catch is their different buttons. Xiaomi Capsule has a button for answering and ending calls as well as for playing and pausing music on top of that Xiaomi Capsule Pro has 3 buttons making it possible to change volume as well. The upper one controls volume up, while the lower one controls volume down. The button at the middle has same functionality as Xiaomi Capsule. Both the earphones feature small, middle and large ear tips in the box.

What do you think about Xiaomi’s new earphones? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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