New liquid cooling method used in Xiaomi 12S Ultra!

The primary heat dissipation components of high-end smartphones, such as graphite cooling and VC liquid-cooled vapor chambers have improved thermal conductivity and increased heat dissipation area in recent years.

According to Xiaomi the new liquid cooling method is inspired by nature, it can significantly increase the effectiveness of heat dissipation by using the water absorption technique existing on the leaf veins. The thermal conductivity is improved by 100% as compared to the liquid-cooled VC soaking plate.

Xiaomi showcasing the new liquid cooling with the VC liquid cooling side by side. As seen on the video, liquid at the bottom reaches upper side quickly making the cooling faster. It’s a lot quicker than the VC cooling as it appears on the video.

Xiaomi claims that when creating this revolutionary liquid cooling system, leaf veins served as their inspiration. The condensed liquid is continuously pumped from the cold end to the hot end, similar to a high-speed lane. The sequential rotational flow becomes a regular, high-speed transport, which significantly boosts the circulation speed and thermal conductivity of the cold liquid.

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