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New Magisk Update, Magisk 24.3 Stable released!

As you know, Magisk has released the Magisk-v24.2 one week ago. Stable version 24.3 of Magisk was released today. Several bugs have been fixed with this update. Now the bug in the repack process in the beta version has been fixed. Also you can download the latest Magisk version here. Magisk provides access to the root folder on your device if it is necessary to briefly describe it. This means that you can make the modifications you want on your device.

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Changelog of Magisk-v24.3

  • [General] Stop using “getrandom” syscall
  • [Zygisk] Update API to v3, adding new fields to “AppSpecializeArgs”
  • [App] Improve app repackaging workflow

How to update Magisk-v24.3 from older Magisk Versions

  • Firstly, open the Magisk app. Then you will see an “Update” button. Tap on it for updating to latest APK.

  • And changelog of Magisk will pop-up. Tap to install button for download the latest APK. In few seconds, latest Magisk Manager will be downloaded. when it downloaded, install the APK like on the second photo.

  • Then you will an “Update” button again. This time, you will update the Magisk. Tap on it.

  • Then you will see the updater screen. Please don’t check te “Recovery Mode” option. If you select this, your device may become brick and all your data may be deleted. tap “Next” button and select “Direct install” section. Then tap “LET’S GO” button for installing new version of Magisk.

  • When you tap the “LET’S GO” button, you will see installation of Magisk. Here the magisk application replaces the boot.mig file with new files and recompresses it. After this, tap the “Reboot” button.

With version 24.2, it was giving an error when we wanted to hide the application, especially on MIUI ROMs. This error has been fixed with the new update that arrived today. After that, you can hide the Magisk application from any application as you wish. If you don’t know how to use Zygisk, follow this article.

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