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How to Use Zygisk?

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We can say Zygisk is new generation Magisk hide. You must have Magisk 24 or later version. Zygisk too hiding root from apps like Magisk hide. But a little difference is if you selected an app, you can’t use Zygisk modules on that app. If it is a problem for you, use Magisk hide istead of Zygisk. Now you will learn how to use Zygisk.

What is Zygisk?

Zygisk is what the Magisk developers call running Magisk in the Zygote Process of Android. The Zygote Process is the first process that the OS starts when it boots up, similar to PID 1 on other Linux-based operating systems. Since zygote starts first after system, it can hide root without sending data to apps.

Zygisk Usage

First of all, you must have Magisk-v24.1. If you don’t have, you can download here.

Tap settings icon on top right.

Then slide to down little bit. You will see “Zygisk Beta” section. Enable it. And enable “Enforce Denylist” too.

After that, you will see your apps. Select Google Play Services and enable all selections. And select other apps for hide root. Then enable all sections too.

Thats it! Now reboot the phone and you have hid root from other apps. But don’t forget if you are using  a module using Zygisk, it won’t work on selected apps. If you want to uninstall Magisk completelly follow this article. Also if you have Magisk-v23 or earlier, you can use Magisk hide instead of Zygisk.

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