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Mi Band 7 specs leaked! New screen, new UI and more!

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You have heard of the Mi Band series. Inexpensive smart bands that are perfect alternative to a smart watchs. A new Mi Band device is introduced every year, and the new member of the popular Mi Band series seems to be with us very soon. Because Mi Band 7 features have been leaked!

Information in the database of Amazfit’s Zepp app shows us that a new Mi Band is on the way. We have identified the model code and many features of the new band. So let’s get started.

New Mi Band 7 Specs

In fact, new Mi Band is basically similar to the previous Mi Band 6, so there’s no need to get too excited. But extra specs are available.

According to the information from Zepp firmware files, new device’s name is “Xiaomi Smart Band 7″ and model names are “M2129B1 & M2130B1”. CMIIT IDs are “2022DP1794 & 2022DP1805”. This was also the case with Mi Band 6 leaks in the past years.

New Mi Band 7 screen size is 192×490. Screen size of Mi Band 6 was 152×486. This means that a Mi Band with a larger screen will come. Mi Band 6’s screen was also larger than it’s predecessor. Band screens are getting bigger.

As for previous Mi Band, you will be able to choose between Analog and Digital Watchface styles. These styles are still available in Mi Band 7 but AOD version is also available. So probably new Mi Band will support AOD! 

Moreover, device has a total of 303 emoticons and 126 notification icons. Same as Mi Band 6 icons.

GPS related data spotted in the language files, device may come with GPS support! This will be a first in the Mi Band series! Actually Xiaomi is even late to do this. GPS integrated Mi Band would be perfect.

If you remember, the first Mi Band device had a feature called “Smart Alarm”. It’s purpose was to start waking user 30 minutes before the alarm. Although it seemed useful at first, users complained about it. Removed from later Mi Bands. This feature is back with Mi Band 7! Another feature that returns in the same way is the “Passcode” feature, which is only available on Mi Band 4. Now you can set the passcode again for your Mi Band.

New “power saving” and “ultra-power saving” modes available. These modes will be like medicine after the Mi Band 6 device which gives 1 week of use.

Most important part is that we have reached the information that Mi Band 7 is running with Zepp OS! This information is very surprising because Mi Band series was generally used with the Mi Fit application, but now it will come for a Zepp application. It looks like Xiaomi has abandoned the Mi Fit app. We’ll wait and see.

To explain briefly, it looks like the new device will be introduced soon. It will likely come with a similar design to the Mi Band 6, but with a larger screen and more features. We will see together.

Stay tuned to follow the agenda and learn new things.


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