New Redmi K60 Series Secretly Tested in Turkey!

Recently, the Redmi K60 series was introduced. This series consists of 3 models. Redmi K60, Redmi K60 Pro and Redmi K60E. The models come with a high-performance SOC. And they also have quality camera sensors. The top-end model of the series the Redmi K60 Pro includes Sony IMX 800. We can say that smartphones are excellent and impressive.

Before the new series was introduced, some teaser images were released. These teaser images gave some information about the camera sensor of the Redmi K60 Pro. They had attached a few sample photos taken with a smartphone. We checked these photos. We have determined that the Redmi K60 series has been tested in Turkey. Some photos were taken in Turkey with the devices.

There were also different developments at the time the photos were taken. Xiaomi Turkey made a documentary about Semih Sayginer. This person won the world billiards championship in 1994. He is the person who made billiards become a federation in Turkey. The title of the documentary is “That Moment | A Semih Sayginer Story”. The documentary was shot with the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

We think the shooter of this documentary tested the Redmi K60 Pro prototypes. The new Redmi K60 series has been secretly tested in Turkey! We will explain everything in detail in our article. Keep reading the full article for more details!

Redmi K60 Series Tested in Turkey!

The new smartphones were very curious. They were recently introduced in China. It is said that more than 300 thousand products were sold in 5 minutes. In addition to these rumors, there are some hidden clues about smartphones. Photos taken with the Redmi K60 series were published on Weibo.

When we examined these photos, we saw some photos taken in Turkey. The shooting date of the photos was 1.5-2 weeks before the launch. Between December 10 and December 16 smartphones were secretly tested in Turkey. Unfortunately, we could not find these prototypes. We are sorry for that. But we still have important information. Sample photos were taken with the Redmi K60 Pro!

We checked some of these photos in detail. There is a Turkish Flag in the Photos. It also has the shooting dates written on it. We said this in the first introduction. A documentary was shot about Semih Sayginer. When this documentary was shot, new smartphones were tested in our country at the same time. The person who shot the documentary most likely tested the Redmi K60 Pro prototypes. The photos were taken in Istanbul. What we know is not limited to this. I will tell you some details.

There are Turkish Flags in the photos. When we look at the license plate of the car, it says “34 VU 386“. Plate number 34 belongs to Istanbul. It confirms that these devices have been tested in Istanbul. Also, a shooting date is obvious. We understand that the photos were taken on 10-16 December 2022. The person who shot the documentary “That Moment | A Semih Sayginer Story” may have tested the Redmi K60 Pro.

The Redmi K60 series was secretly tested by some people in Turkey. In addition, it is said that a photography event about the Xiaomi 12T Pro was held in Istanbul. After this event, some people and photographers were presented with products. Xiaomi Turkey has given some smartphones, ecosystem products, and gift vouchers to these people.

Brands organize such events. These are perfectly normal events. I wish we had the chance to experience the new Redmi K60 series. However, this did not happen. Nevertheless, we have conveyed these confidential developments to you our readers. The Redmi K60 from the Redmi K60 series will be available in many markets. We will see the new device under the name POCO F5 Pro.

POCO F5 Pro’s codename is “mondrian“. The last internal MIUI builds are V14.0.0.19.TMNMIXM, V14.0.0.10.TMNEUXM and V14.0.0.7.TMNTRXM. Internal MIUI tests of the model continue. This indicates that the POCO F5 Pro will be available in all markets. Users will now be able to experience the POCO F5 Pro.

Previously, the POCO F4 Pro was expected to be available for sale. But for some reason, it was not released. POCO F4 Pro has been abandoned. For more information on this abandoned device, click here. So what do you think about the secret testing of the Redmi K60 series in Turkey? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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