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Unreleased POCO F4 Pro Surfaced!

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A long time ago, Redmi K50 Pro was launched in China. Redmi K50 Pro was a device that impresses with its superior technical features. There were users who wanted this smartphone to be introduced in the Global market. I was one of these users. POCO designs smartphones that appeal to gamers. All of these models it has designed are powered by a high-performance processor.

Redmi K50 Pro is powered by Dimensity 9000 chipset. It was thought that Redmi K50 Pro would be available for sale under the POCO brand. Because, Dimensity 9000 was much more successful than its rival Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It clearly demonstrated its superiority, especially when considering sustainable performance. The battle between new chipsets in the first quarter was quite talked about.

Redmi K50 Pro could welcome users in all other markets under the name POCO F4 Pro. In addition, POCO F4 Pro could be the first model in POCO smartphone family to have a 2K screen resolution. However, POCO has abandoned device. Many users were very upset by this situation. Recently, it revealed that a person seen using POCO F4 Pro. Moreover, this person also shared some videos while the device was running. Details are in our article!

Live Images of Unreleased POCO F4 Pro

Normally, this smartphone would be on sale. But it did not turn out as desired. It was the rebranded version of Redmi K50 Pro. Since POCO F4 Pro was not available for sale, Redmi K50 Pro remained a China-exclusive device. Here are the live images of POCO F4 Pro! It has Global ROM installed and running version V13.0.0.18.SLKMIXM. This was the last internal MIUI build of POCO F4 Pro.

When we examine the video a little more, we learn that device is actually Redmi K50 Pro. Codename “Matisse“. The model number is “22011211C”. This model number belongs to Redmi K50 Pro. However, the software of POCO F4 Pro was installed on it. We have added some photos from the video to our article. V13.0.0.18.SLKMIXM firmware has Xiaomi March 2022 Security Patch. A stable update was last prepared for POCO F4 Pro in March. As of April 19, 2022, internal MIUI tests have been stopped altogether.

While this person is taking pictures, the watermark on the edge attracts our attention. Because the watermark says POCO F4 Pro. You may be sorry that POCO F4 Pro is not available for sale. Xiaomi still has a lot of great options. You can experience different smartphones. Let me point it out for users who have some doubts. We can check accuracy of video from the MIUI server.

As seen in the photo. Last internal MIUI build of POCO F4 Pro is V13.0.0.18.SLKMIXM. This is an internal stable MIUI build. If it was ready for release, V13.0.1.0.SLKMIXM etc. would have the build number. We call this stable MIUI build. The images are absolutely accurate. I wish this device was available for sale… What do you guys think about the unreleased POCO F4 Pro? Do not forget to express your opinions.


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