OnePlus Launcher Port for all Android devices

Did you know you could actually use OnePlus Launcher that was originally made for OnePlus devices on all Android devices? There is a OnePlus Launcher port you can use on your device thanks to the app porters that made this possible.

OnePlus Launcher Port

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to install this launcher directly as it is a system dependent app, however more and more OEM stock apps are ported everyday to make these crossovers possible. You cannot install the original APK on a non OnePlus device however, you can easily install OnePlus Launcher port without any hiccups on Android versions below 12.

Currently known bugs on this port:

  • Double tap to sleep (varies depending on the ROM)
  • Swipe to home gesture is buggy on landscape mode however you can still use it if you first swipe up to recents first
  • Android 11 navigation bar does not rotate on landscape mode

Here are some screenshots from the OnePlus Launcher port:


  • Download the APK file from this link
  • Open it once the download is done and install
  • After installing it, go into ⚙️Settings > Apps > Default apps and choose OnePlus Launcher from the list

Doing these steps will make the OnePlus Launcher port your default home application however you will not be able to use full screen gestures with it just yet. In order to activate full screen gestures, you need root. If you have root access:

  • Download the latest ZIP version of QuickSwitch app from here
  • Open Magisk app and flash it
  • Reboot your device
  • You will see the QuickSwitch app in your app drawer, open it and tap on OnePlus Launcher on the list.
  • Say yes to any prompt

It will reboot your device, and once that is done, you are ready to use the full screen gestures with a functional OnePlus Launcher. You can customize your OnePlus launcher using these tips.

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