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Perfect Android 12 Themes for Android Theme Manager (Substratum)

So as you know, in AOSP is also a thing by using some modules or substratum itself. You can customize your AOSP with Android 12 Themes. But, there’s not many themes out there yet that supports Android 12 well properly yet. In this article, we will show you all the Android 12 themes themes that has support for Android 12 and also looks nice.

Best Android 12 Themes

It can be tough to decide how to make your phone your own. Here are a few of the best Android 12 themes to help you get started


This is a module that works along with LSPosed itself. It’s point is easy, bringing back the blur to Android 12 in quick settings panel. As Android 12 removed the transparent blurred background in quick settings, this module brings that back, which was just like Android 11 before. It’s also pretty easy to use as well. It also adds blur to more places, such as background of Settings app, and somw dialogue boxes in Android itself. You can find it in our guide to how to install and use it.

As you can see in the video above, it aims to give the blurry background back to Android 12 just like in Android 11. But, as you may ask, yes, it does require some high processing power for the blur to work. And so, developer thought of that as well. The developer made it so that whenever you turn on battery saver, it would turn off blur in quick settings panel as well.

Flowdor Substratum Themes

Well, this is one of most advanced themes ever possible that got launched. Flowdor let’s you to put custom clocks into the quick settings panel, with also including tons of clocks to choose with. You need to join it’s chat, and send your System UI apk there, so they can make a module that will allow you to install custom clocks for your custom ROM. If you know what you’re doing, you can get great combinations out of this theme. It has tons of possibilities that’s up to you to choose any of them depending on how you like it.

As you can see in the example picture above, possibilities are really pretty much endless, it depends on what do you want exactly, there problably will be something for the style you want in this theme.

Another example combination is shown above with some more complex themes(Android 11)
Please note that this theme doesn’t support Android 12 yet totally, and still have some minor issues such as clock sizing and more.

We will update this article when there’s more themes out for it that is for Android 12. Stay tuned.

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