ClearLineage: Make transparent and blurred notification panel on Android 12!

Google  has been using a notification panel with showing what’s open even you expanded it but it’s not in Android 12 anymore. Transparent notification panel has been ditched with Android 12. If you are on a stock ROM it doesn’t matter since many OEM’s design choice is with blur but if you’re using an AOSP ROM on your phone or a stock Android like ROM you can regain blur with an Xposed module, ClearLinage.

What is ClearLineage?

Making notification panel is not easy as previous Android versions on Android 12. ClearLineage aims to make this with Xposed (also works on Android 11). Opaque power-off screen is blurred also. Blur will disabled if the battery saver is turned on. ClearLineage works on tablets with AOSP ROM and phones.

Which ROMs are supported?

This is a module not tested on many different phones or ROMs so you can ask for help in ClearLineage Telegram group here. It’s working perfectly on Android 11 and Android 12 LineageOS. Do not try to install this on MIUI or another Android skin it’s not tested yet and needed at all. Currently tested ROMs are Pixel Experience and LineageOS. The developer will provide support for LineageOS ROM only so if you are running a different ROM and working, this will be an extra and considered as just another supported ROM. If it doesn’t work don’t expect the fix but if you’d like to contribute the project definitely have in touch with the developer for example recents app menu isn’t blurred yet on Android 12 (Lineage 19).

Android 13 is not supported.

Some warnings and installation process

It’s unlikely this module will break your AOSP ROM but it’s still good to have a backup. If you never used Xposed modules earlier back up your data before the installation process. Xposed may bootloop your device or cause data loss obliquely. Use the mod at your own risk.

Please install Xposed to start. Read our installation guide if you face any issues. If you’re familiar with Xposed you may expect this to be installed as an APK file but the developer made the installation process so easy. It’s a single Magisk zip file installing APK and sets automatically for the system. As mentioned earlier please take a backup. For downloading the file tap at the pink text. 

Installation & Download links

GitHub download link is not ready for now but we added it for people reading this later on. The developer hasn’t made a GitHub repository so we added module link on our server and Telegram group.

Download the module and flash on Magisk. If you don’t know how to flash a Magisk module watch this.

Please let us know which device and what ROM you’re using after successful installation. Check the screenshots on the GitHub page to see older Lineage versions on variety of devices.

Make sure you setted up Xposed properly,  otherwise you won’t have blur. We recommend you use LSPosed. Enjoy your blur on Android 12 and let us know what ROM you’re using and it’s worked or not.

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