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Play PC Games on Phone | Nvidia GeForce Now

Do you want to play PC Games on Phone? A few years ago, playing games on cloud systems with a remote desktop connection was still a dream, but with the GeForce Now developed by Nvidia, this dream is now coming true. So what is this GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is brand name of three cloud gaming services offered by Nvidia. It help us for Play PC Games on Phone. It works on principle of driving a remote computer with powerful hardware over a fast Internet connection and transmitting games from server to player. The Nvidia Shield version of GeForce Now, formerly known as Nvidia GRID, was released in beta in 2013 and Nvidia officially announced name on September 30, 2015. It is made available to subscribers via streaming video on Nvidia servers during subscription period. Some games are also accessible via “buy and play” model. Service is available on PC, Mac, Android/iOS Phones, Shield Portable, Shield Tablet and Shield Console.

How GeForce Now Works?

GeForce Now consists of servers with powerful PCs and high-speed internet located in Nvidia’s data centers. It works just like Netflix, Twitch. GeForce Now initiates a remote desktop connection between the remote server and user for broadcast games. Improvement in resolution and latency depending on internet speed. Also Nvidia’s Ray Tracing (RTX) feature supporting by Nvidia GeForce Now.

How to Install Nvidia GeForce Now for Play PC Games on Phone

Nvidia GeForce Now is currently available on PC, Mac, Android/iOS Phones, Android TV and Web Based Client.

  • You can download it from Google Play to install on Android
  • iOS not yet have an official client so they can use web based session for iOS/iPad users, also Chromebook, PC and Mac users can use it
  • Windows users can install direct from here
  • macOS users can install here

Nvidia GeForce Now Mobile System Requirements

The system requirements stated by Nvidia are as follows:

  • Android phones, tablets and TV devices supporting OpenGL ES 3.2
  • 2GB+ memory
  • Android 5.0 (L) and upper
  • Recommend 5GHz WiFi or Ethernet Connection
  • Bluetooth Gamepad like Nvidia Shield, Nvidia’s recommended list are here

Also Nvidia requires at least 15 Mbps for 60 FPS 720p and 25 Mbps for 60 FPS 1080p. Latency from the NVIDIA data centre must be less than 80 ms. A latency of less than 40 ms is recommended for an optimal experience.

GeForce Now Pricing

Nvidia has announced some changes when it comes to subscription plans. Paid memberships now cost $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. They are now called “Priority” memberships. Of course these prices vary by country.

Geforce Now Available Countries

Nvidia GeForce Now is currently available in North America, South America, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia (Singapore and its environs), Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

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