POCO C40+ verified by Xiaomi before its main model is released!

The POCO C40+ was verified by Xiaomi, and is the successor to the POCO C40. We found some information regarding the upcoming device, and we’re still not sure why Xiaomi decided to basically leak their device this soon, but let’s see what the POCO C40+ will be like.

POCO C40+ details and more

We previously reported on the fact the POCO C40 will feature a JLQ processor, and also who JLQ even is, and we’re fairly certain that the C40’s successor will also feature JLQ processor. The POCO C40 will feature the exact same JLQ JR510 SoC as the POCO C40, and the two will be unified under a common codename: “frost“. The POCO C40+ was spotted in MIUI, in a POCO-related page, as you can see below:

The POCO C40+ was also added to the POCO Tester device list with the POCO C40, which means that it should be released alongside the POCO C40, and will not be much different from it’s predecessor, except for the possibility of a higher RAM configuration and a larger battery. You can check the specifications of the POCO C40 here. The POCO Tester thread also mentions that the device has an available Indonesia variant ROM, but it isn’t ready yet, for some reason.

The POCO C40 and C40+ will also feature MIUI GO, instead of fully-fledged MIUI. Due to being a budget device with a basically-unknown processor, we don’t expect that the POCO C40 will be a top performer among the budget devices of Xiaomi, but we also expect that it will be cheap enough to have a decent price to performance margin. We’ll just have to see what the JR510 will be like, and if it will be a decent performer compared to Snapdragon and Mediatek processors. We will report to you with any news that regard the POCO C40, or the POCO C40+.

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